Kevin Steven Quinn’s new book,The Entrepreneur’s Playbook exploded out of nowhere, into what has become one of the most talked about new business books of 2020. The project, a group collaboration with more than 70 co-authors, was published as a one-stop destination for anyone interested in building or scaling a business online.

Is the book worth picking up? Who are these contributors? And what can you expect to discover in the pages of what Quinn refers to as the digital marketing “bible?”  We’ll look into all this and more.

From Inside Joke to Best-Seller?

While this is a real marketing book offering a ton of value, the business best-seller actually started out as an inside joke...

Rewind to 2019, Quinn would go live on his facebook page every friday with what he jokingly referred to as “Air Fryer Secrets.” He would put together an actual meal using his air fryer, while discussing marketing and sales strategies. It was a weekly thing to catch Quinn’s facebook live.

Soon people tuned in for both his chicken wings, and his marketing knowledge. It didn’t take long for Air Fryer Secrets to grow a small following. People began joking that he should publish a marketing and sales book and call it “Air Fryer Secrets.”

Someone even created a mock-up book cover with Quinn standing proudly next to an air-fryer…

The joke only grew, and soon people really wanted to see the Air Fryer Secrets book come to life. Some well-known marketers chimed in that they’d be willing to contribute content for the book… Six and seven figure earners, ClickFunnels Two-Comma Club award winners, super-affiliates, and others began signing on to this book...

The project snowballed into a 70+ chapter book. As the project began to take shape, the publishing company changed the title to “The Entrepreneur’s Playbook” in order to appeal to a wider audience and of course sell copies as the Air Fryer Secrets title wouldn’t translate to anyone outside of their circle.

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Who Are the Co-Authors

Who’s in the book? What content is covered? This book isn’t meant to be read from cover to cover, but instead more like a choose your own adventure. Simply find the area you want to dive into and read the specific chapter.

There is a chapter on sales funnels, SEO, email marketing, book publishing, social media, eCommerce, and more… While we can’t dive into all 70+ chapters in this review, here’s a quick look at a few authors and their chapters:

Kevin Steven Quinn

Quinn and his sales teams have closed over two billion dollars in revenue over his twenty-five year career in corporate sales. His ability to connect and grow business relationships has helped him land high profile deals and partnerships..

For example, since entering the digital marketing space, he’s held a corporate position with JVZoo, he’s the former affiliate manager for best-selling author and life coach Jay Shetty (an influencer with more than 37 million followers), he’s brokered meetings with Mark Cuban, and he’s currently the Chief Marketing Officer for Vital Elements, a CBD company.

The author has also created the best-selling “Connector Secrets” program, revealing all of his strategies for networking, landing, and closing these business opportunities.

In The Entrepreneur’s Playbook, Kevin Steven Quinn shows how he uses facebook to build the business connections that have fueled much of his success.

Cody Neer

Interested in eCommerce? Cody Neer is your guy. The entrepreneur built an eCommerce company from the ground up and eventually sold for thirteen million dollars.

This success landed him a position running facebook ads for With fifty-six million dollars in social advertising, Neer brought in more than 350 million in gross revenue for the retail giant.

He also helped launch their CartWheel app, bringing 100,000 new members to the platform.

In 2017, Neer started his own Print-On-Demand company and less than a year later earned the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club award.

The qualifications to join the “2 Comma Club” is simple.  Any business that uses the ClickFunnels software and makes over one million dollars in sales is eligible for the award.

ClickFunnels then goes and verifies the sales information, and gives the awards live on stage at their annual Funnel Hacking Live event.

Like a few of his Entrepreneur’s Playbook co-authors, Cody Neer didn’t slow down after going 2 Comma Club...

He’s also:

  • Partnered with to build 6-7 figure eCommerce stores from scratch.
  • Partnered with The Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington on an eCommerce venture that closed nearly $6 million in twelve months.
  • Trained 300+ entrepreneurs to launch and grow their own eCommerce stores.

Cody Neer’s chapter in The Entrepreneur’s Playbook reveals some of the strategies behind his Print-On-Demand success responsible for his 2 Comma Club award.  If you have any interest in eCommerce or Print-on-Demand, this chapter is for you...

Blake Nubar:

Marketing consultant Blake Nubar became famous in the ClickFunnels community for earning the 2 Comma Club award in just forty-three days. Meaning, he’s brought in more than one million dollars through one sales funnel in less than two months!

That was no fluke, the marketing expert has helped multiple clients launch seven-figure sales funnels, he’s the top vendor inside the ClickFunnels marketplace, and is one of a small handful 8-Figure award winners. Blake’s chapter in The Entrepreneur’s Playbook tells his story - and reveals how you can turn your life around with just one funnel. As the saying goes, “You’re only one funnel away.”

Jessica Wahlman

If you plan on running facebook ads at any point, you’ll want to read this chapter. Jessica Walman is behind the facebook ads for some major influencers and familiar brands.

She’s worked with many of the top names inside the ClickFunnels circle. For example, she’s Steve Larsen’s go-to facebook ads expert. Another one of her clients is a health and fitness influencer that grosses over $100 million in revenue. Big players turn to her for facebook ads. If you plan on using the top social media platform in your business, the information in this chapter is priceless.

Ilir Salihi

Over the last several years, Ilir Salihi has found success publishing multiple niche and authority websites. In his chapter, Salihi reveals how blogging can not only help position you or your company as an authority, but can serve as an organic traffic hub that leads to long term passive income.

Salihi is a top-earning affiliate marketer, SEO expert, and sought after content strategist. He’s one of the top distributors in Russell Brunson and Steve Larsen’s direct sales team, and he’s been featured and quoted in several media outlets on topics ranging from digital marketing, funnels, and SEO.

Much of his success is from blogging and building authority sites. He reveals all of his online blogging strategies inside his chapter...

Spencer Mecham

Spencer Mecham is what many refer to as a “super-affiliate.” The affiliate marketer has built a thriving youtube channel, blog, a 14,000 member facebook group, and Affiliate Secrets training program. Mecham is a “Dream Car” winner in two different affiliate programs, having referred more than 2,000 members to ClickFunnels alone.

Spencer Mecham focuses on affiliate marketing and automation. His chapter in the book breaks down his strategies so that you too can create passive income online and automate as much as possible.

What else is covered in the book?

Here’s a few more examples of the content you’ll find in this 70+chapter marketing bible:

  • Suzanne Doyle-Ingram: How to Write a Client Attracting Book
  • George Wickens: The LAT Method (Learn, Apply, and Teach)
  • Siru Pihlajavesi: Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Lindsay Mustain: LinkedIn
  • Serena Schwartz: Starting a Digital Agency
  • Kim Calera: Shopify
  • Melissa Duran: How to Create a Successful Digital Course
  • Paul Mottley: Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Kathy Walls: ETSY
  • Andrew Izumi: Relationship Building in a Digital Age
  • Clint Whitney: Email Secrets
  • Mark Stern: Reinventing Virtual Summits
  • Nate McCallister: Arbitrage and Amazon
  • Lori McNeil: Media Secrets
  • Yael Bendahan: The VIP Visibility Formula
  • Dan Ryder: Ad Scaling Secrets
  • Lyndon Scott: YouTube - A Recipe for Success
  • Evans Putnam: Monetizing Your Podcast
  • Bryan Fuentes: How to Acquire High-ticket Clients
  • Tammy Donnell: Business Launch Secrets
  • Austin Ford: Challenge Funnels
  • Larissa Banting: Messenger Bots
  • Christa Nichols: Masterful Messaging
  • Lisa Gaal: SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Jessica Principe: Subscription Boxes
  • Ruth O'Neill: Podcasting - Scale Your Influence and Create Authority
  • Wayne Crowe: Solo Ads
  • Anton Gray: Four Secrets to Keep Your Business Alive
  • Allie Bjerk: Five Shifts to Successful Selling
  • Travis Linares: The Power of Outsourcing


After buying your copy of The Entrepreneur’s Playbook, you also get full access to bonuses that have been created by many of the co-authors. These are additional resources to supplement their chapters. Find a chapter, read it, and go online for additional resources. It’s all available as soon

soon as you’re “inside” the book.

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook Review: Final Thoughts

With over seventy chapters, this is a monster of a book. Inside, you’ll find content on a wide range of topics - to help you grow and scale your business.

Whether you’re looking to launch a new company, start using sales funnels, supplement your income with affiliate offers, or become more effective with Pinterest it’s all in here.

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook is a worthy addition to your digital marketing book shelf.


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