The energy body - chakras and aura
Do you know the difference between chakras and aura? It is often a source of confusion; read on to find out more…
We all have a luminous glowing energy, like a halo we see traditionally encircling the head of a pure character, such as an angel. This amongst us who have the gift to be able to ‘see’ this aura can detect the colour of an aura; and this is the energy body that chakras and aura emit that can be read and interpreted.
Each differing colour of an aura conveys a different meaning. For example, a person shrouded in a yellow glow is giving of the energy body of chakras and aura that denotes smartness, intellect and an inquisitive nature. Greens and purple auras show the person to be compassionate and spiritual in nature. Much like the fabled mood rings, auras change and morph to show the emotional state that someone is in, at that very moment.
However, surroundings and people also affect your own personal aura. Someone who intimidates you physically and emotionally will cause the energy body of chakras and aura to change, to shrink back from the power and force. Flip this coin on its head, and if you feel empowered and in control, the likelihood of your aura shrinking back in unlikely. You can see now, how auras depict our inner energy too.
Many people, when they are looking at the energy body of chakras and aura within themselves are looking to change how they perceive the world, and how the world sees them. This energy work is deep and complex and can be the start of an incredibly journey, from someone who is vulnerable and spiritually weak to someone who is flourishing and strong within themselves.
And so, to summarise, your aura is the energy field emitted from you, indicating your general mood, state and sense of well-being. It can change quickly, depending on the situation you are in and how you feel.
These are the energy centres within your body and they are firmly anchored in places. Where confusion arises between the two is that chakra points have certain colours too; for example, the energy point that relates to security, stability and abundance is a delightfully strong red colour. The chakra in your throat that relates to how you express yourself is blue; your heart is green and so on.
Many people who with the energy body of chakras and aura can see the colours of these energy points; the colour though, does not change but the size and pulse of the energy point will. Someone, for example, feeling low and not listened to, struggling to relate and communicate with loved ones or work colleagues, will have a throat chakra, still blue but far smaller.
Likewise, patterns in the energy body of chakras and aura tell a story and anyone intuitive in this type of work will see this, feeding this back to you. The more that is understood, the more the session will help.
Chakras, therefore, are a reflection of life’s situation; they sum up the current set of strengths and weakness, with auras telling your own personal, hidden in your depths story. How is your inner energy?

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