Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think of the coming day and coming days in general, and I think that I must have been born on the wrong planet. But then I slowly realize that I am just where I am supposed to be. When I realize that all of my fears, worries, and regrets seem to just vanish. I realize that there is not much that I can do to change the world. In order to make great changes the majority of the people must be willing to say yes. They must be willing to exhibit the behaviors that will make things better and put aside their differences and to so. Most of the time this does not happen. I have given up on changing the world. Doing what I can has become good enough. What I can do that helps make the world better is to be true to my deep core beliefs about life, God, and the way the world should be.

As I embody love in my life and the true realization that this world is not all there is, I am alive. I live in the moment where past and future don't exist and I experience the joy and bliss of living in the now. I know that every moment and every act in this moment well done leads to life instead of the perpetuation of destruction and death. If you are worried about the conditions in the world and how to change them I would suggest that self change must be a big part of it. If you have a philosophy, religion, or spirituality that cannot bring you peace in the midst of this fire in which we find ourselves, I would say it is time to change your religion or engage in it in a different way. Religion and spirituality exist for times like these, where the rubber meets the road and it gets hot. There is not time for woo woo and la la when we are in desperate straits. There is, however, the opportunity for growth and change. The opportunity to strengthen oneself and ones community is always present, especially in the midst of the fire. This is because sometimes in such circumstances, depending on one's will and desire, one can grow the wings necessary to fly on the winds of adversity. This can only occur, however, when one moves from religion or philosophy to a mystical connection with God.

When one realizes that there is not me versus God, me versus her, my group versus the world that is the first step. The second step is realizing that we are all in it together and in actuality we are all one. We are the hands of the divine on this earth and our brothers and sisters are reflections of us. They are our own collective shadow that we must embrace to learn the secret of flying and to understand the deep parts of ourselves that we want to push away and reject. When we drop the walls like that it means letting go of the need to win. It means letting go of the need to be on top and to be the right one. When one lets go of the need to win and to compete to prove oneself and realizes that he has already done so and is part of the divine entity called God, one has arrived at the destination that he has been seeking. It is as simple as letting go of the idea of separate self and grasping the greater truth. We are all one. We are one substance manifested in many personas. This is not a rhetorical statement, nor is it theoretical. It is actual. When one has realized this there is no pain, no separation, life or death is meaningless, because that which is eternal may change form, but it will never die.

Om Prakash

Author's Bio: 

Om Prakash is a Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker. He is also a Reiki Master Teacher with a D. Min. in Reinventing Work and Spirituality. Om Prakash was a Unitarian Universalist for many years, after being a Pentecostal Minister and Interfaith Missionary. Since the age of 17 Dr. Om Prakash has been studying martial arts, various forms of meditation, and self development. He is presently the Director of Racial and Social Justice at the Joseph Priestley District of the UUA and will be retiring from Ministry September 1 to carry on his Wellness Consulting and Massage Therapy and Bodywork Business. For bodywork, spiritual direction and self development visit us at This website will link you to our new shiny website at