In today's economy, more people than ever are looking for ways to save money, and live healthier. This has led many families into growing their own vegetables. However, other critters are also out there looking for ways to find more food.

Working a lawn can be hard work, and you don't want all that work to be done for nothing. There is a simple solution that will protect your garden, without killing any animals.

Install an electronic garden fence, and your worries about sharing your food with critters, will be over. An electric fence protects your garden from these unwanted animals, and keeps them from devouring your vegetables.

There are two kinds of electric garden fences. One is visible, and the other is underground. The most common type used is the above ground fencing. Most of them have line that is made from polyethylene, that is combined with metal elements. This way you have a strong line, but still have metal, to conduct the electric current through.

You can go to the hardware store and buy everything you need to build this electric fence, or you can purchase an electric fence kit. Everything you need is included in the kit. It does not take heavy duty poles to put up electric fencing. If you are just fencing in a small garden, you can usually have that done in a couple hours. It is also easy to take down for the winter.

Some people use these fences to keep their pets in the yard also. They are multi-functional fences, and extremely inexpensive, compared to wood or chain link fences. An electronic fence can keep out more than just rabbits and dogs. They can keep out raccoons, foxes, deer, and more. You can also use electronic garden fences to keep things in. They can keep in chickens that rarely fly, domestic ducks or geese, and small dogs that are not inclined to jump.

The amount of current that flows through your electronic fence can be regulated by you. They are run by batteries, or by solar power. Most animals that touch your electric fence, are just a little stunned, or surprised for a moment. After a time or two, they usually know not to cross that way again.

Whether you are a farmer that wants to keep their cows out of the garden, or you are a small in town gardener, you can benefit from having an electronic garden fence.

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