Tendinitis is known as the inflammation of a tendon. Causes may include overstretching of the tendons, fall or accident, overuse of the tendons and muscles, improper heavy lifting practices, poor posture, and repetitive injuries. Tendinitis may present redness and warmth of the affected body part, pain, swelling, inflammation, and crackling sound.

Chiropractic care is considered an effective alternative medicine in treating tendinitis. Doctors of chiropractic do not make use of invasive procedures or pharmaceutical medications. They believe that the body is powerful enough to heal on its own without using any surgery or medicine. However, the body must be in perfect condition to heal itself.

Tendinitis is one of the many neuromusculoskeletal disorders that chiropractors handle and treat. If this disorder is not treated properly and immediately, the tendons may calcify or harden resulting to decrease range of motion and mobility. Therefore, it is just proper that this condition must be treated appropriately and as soon as possible.

Chiropractors must first formulate and confirm a diagnosis before any chiropractic treatment is given. Diagnosis can be verified through laboratory tests, physical examination of the affected body part, and medical history of the patient. These help to determine the primary cause and location of the disorder. When a diagnosis is confirmed, the chiropractor creates the best chiropractic program for the patient.

The primary objectives of a chiropractic program are to alleviate symptoms such as pain and inflammation of the tendons, restore physical condition prior to the disease, and prevent the recurrence of the disorder. Various chiropractic treatments are used to achieve these objectives. These treatments may include chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy, exercise program, hot and cold compress application, and nutrition.

Chiropractic manipulation is the most common form of chiropractic treatment used to treat different musculoskeletal problems. it is performed manually or mechanically. In manual manipulation, the chiropractor uses his own hands to apply pressure on the affected body part. This is done with skills, competence and expertise to provide safe and effective treatment. Only licensed chiropractors are allowed to perform the chiropractic manipulation. In a mechanical manipulation, a specialized apparatus is used to apply pressures on the affected part. However, a chiropractor regulates the amount and level of force to be applied to the patient.

Tendinitis is commonly seen in athletes or people who are using their muscles and bones constantly and continuously. The most common body parts that are affected are wrists, shoulders, elbows, ankles, thumbs, hips, and knees. Rest is very important to allow healing of the injured tendon. On the first sign of injury, ice packs are applied to prevent inflammation. It is then followed after several hours by hot compress. Hot compress is applied on the injured part to enhance healing process.

Tendinitis is a very common problem, but needs to be treated immediately. Scarring and calcification may occur if not treated immediately. This will result to decrease mobility and range of motion. Chiropractors advise their patients to comply with the treatment program to prevent these complications. The purpose of chiropractic care is to restore physical wellness and to preserve a healthy body. Read More

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