The success rate of Orchid Cancer Center has been phenomenal and so has been the client satisfaction. The deal is that not many people are aware of this particular technique and it's assistance. On speaking to wife of one of the recently operated patients( for stage 4 mouth cancer) about their experience, below is a very small brief of what she had to say:

- Consulted number of big time doctors at Asian research institute as well as accomplished doctors in Kanpur and Delhi

- They either avoided the case due to its complication or as per them the entire jaw line and tongue needed to be removed.

- Astonished that such a technique existed. Was a new ray of hope. 99% of patients are not aware of such a thing.

- After 6 months husband in a much better condition.

No cutting, no surgery, Just 1-2 hour operating time, much better eating conditions, very minimal chemotherapy sessions, he can roam around freely and quality of life much better. And most importantly, the husband was alive to see his daughter (wife was 3 months pregnant) which he could have not otherwise had he been operated through the conventional techniques.

This is just one such case. There are many more such cases that will make you speechless. Laser in a short span of time has created a breakthrough in the field of oral cancer treatment. It is especially useful in last stage cancers and in umpteen number of cases has reversed the original symptoms. After looking at the pictures one cannot really say if the patient had any cancer symptoms earlier. All of the testimonials are present on our website for you to have a look at.

The testimonial from our patients are proof to the efficacy of laser as a mode of treating cancer. Most of our patients successfully treated by us are those who have earlier tried Ayurveda and other alternate treatment but to no avail. In fact due to erroneous suggestions their case had only gotten worse. We have also taken cases of patients wherein the best of surgeons have denied taking up the case due to the complexity involved.

It would be very apt that the knowledge about this technique reaches out to the mass audience for their benefit. People should be aware about the existence of Orchid Cancer Center and this alternative mode of treatment that is available and that has proven to be life changing to many. The above patient story could be one great coverage for the masses. Apart from being a great story, it also creates an awareness that could positively change the life of many cancer patients given the fact that occurrences of cancer have increased so much these days in India and around the world. Cancer can really be dealt with without surgery.

As we know that not only cancer, but laser therapy has proved to be useful in other illnesses as well like in treatment of fistula, piles, tonsils, varicose veins and many other skin disorders.

Why hospitals won't embrace laser therapy?

Below is an extract from an article that explains very well whis this medium of laser therapy is not getting due recognition that it deserves. Laser treatment for oral cancer is the direct opposite of surgery since no cutting is involved. This means it is positive approach on the side of patient who will suffer less.

As we know that Oncosurgery, is the most revenue generating field of all departments in any major hospital. Consequently, the onco surgeons are therefore a very powerful decision making body in the hospital and they hold a stand in decision making .To expect them to change their way of working is asking too much from any human being. You can't ask a butcher to go vegetarian.

Remember, a surgeon is trained and lives to operate patients .He is not going to sign his own demise just because you expect him to work in the best interest of the patient. If you think that is an overstatement please check the OPD of any oral cancer surgeon ask him about the consequences of the operation he has performed on patients. Ask the patients if they were aware of the consequences and whether the patient was sincerely advised of the side effects of the surgeries.
Patients need to come to terms that oral cancer surgery is an extremely demanding field requiring years of observation, experience and training to provide quality treatment.
No surgeon in his right mind will be willing to give away those years of hard work for a technology which is directly opposite to his traditional means of surgery.

You can get to know more about many of the patient's experiences post surgery and how they have been misguided before in this link given below-

It is completely your call to select the means of treatment that suits you the most but if is a sure fact that laser therapy is very effective and should be taken into consideration. You can take all due suggestions and opt for the best therapy that heals the patient fast and provides less painful therapy, that is not so harmful for the patient too, while the patient can get rid of the cancer at the same time. You can opt for combination therapy with includes laser therapy with other therapy like chemotherapy or radiation.

Author's Bio: 

Dr Rusy Bhalla (M.S.) is a post graduate in general Surgery from Seth G.S. Medical College and K.E. M. Hospital Mumbai He has been a practicing laser Surgeon In Mumbai for last 7 years with over 2000 Laser cases to his credit.

He is a member of British medical laser Association .His work has been appreciated internationally with patients and doctors alike. He has got patients from all across the globe. He is actively involved in teaching the benefits of Laser Surgery to Doctors and patients in Mumbai.

He is a certified teacher and Speaker on laser Surgery In IMA Mumbai. Various Medical Associations have benefited from his speaking skills on this subject. He is actively involved in furthering the cause of mimimally invasive surgery as an alternative in years to come.