Iron is an essential element for human nutrition. It is necessary for the production of haemoglobin (the primary component of red blood cells), myoglobin (the major protein of muscle cells) and several enzymes. Iron helps the blood cells deliver oxygen to all the cells in your body as well as remove carbon dioxide from them. Basically, having enough iron is essential for a strong immune system and overall wellbeing.

Having too much iron, on the other hand, could possibly lead to a condition known as iron overload. Signs of iron overload include fatigue, weight loss and joint pain. This condition, left untreated, could lead to severe health problems. Is it worth it to take the risk of ingesting too much iron?

At Water Depot, the answer is clear: no. That is why we think it is extremely important to get the iron levels in your drinking water tested. To help protect your family from harmful contaminants, we recommend you install a water purification system, whether it is a reverse osmosis filtration system, an Ultraviolet disinfection system or an iron filter.

The Iron Blaster, one of our powerful iron filters, offers the very best in iron and sulphur filtration. Through a specialized filter and Ozone Generator, the Iron Blaster is able to offer the most advanced removal of iron and sulphur from your water available today.

The Iron Blaster system offers tons of benefits in addition to effectively reducing your risk of developing iron overload. It is septic system safe and very low maintenance—once it is installed, you won’t have to worry about performing any upkeep or making any manual adjustments. The Iron Blaster also does not use of any chemicals. The idea is to reduce the amount of contaminants in your drinking water… not add more!

High iron levels in your water can do more than affect your health—they can also affect the way your water looks, smells and tastes. Water that contains too much iron often turns brown, which can stain your dishes and fixtures. In addition, high iron levels can give your water a metallic odour and flavour. With help from the Iron Blaster system, the taste, smell and colour of your water will improve.

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