The Effectiveness of Billboard Advertising

There are numerous types of billboards available on the market, and depending on these types, their effectiveness varies. Considering the fact that advertisements on billboards are visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they are very effective at promoting products and/ or services.
The efficacy of billboard advertising depends on visibility - with regard to population and traffic. The most effective billboard advertisements are those that have high visibility with regard to traffic and population. As a rule, to get high visibility, many billboards are used. In addition to helping with the effectiveness, many billboards also reduce the cost per billboard, therefore reducing the money spent on billboard advertising.

Painted Bulletins, also known as painted billboards, are covered with an outdoor paint which is resistant to the weather elements. Some outdoor paints are specifically made to withstand fading. Advertising on these type of billboards is typically good only for a month or two. After that, in spite of the special paint, these boards tend to fade and lose out on their effectiveness.
Poster billboards are also used for exterior billboard advertising. They are impressed on 10 to 30 sheets of heavy paper, depending on the size of the advertisement. These types of billboards also last for about 1 month, depending on weather conditions - after which it is best to remove them before they harm your business’s image by looking “sloppy”.
Vinyl boards are the most recent, cost-effective method of billboard advertising.(Digital billboards are quickly catching on though.) These types of billboards relate with eye-catching colour, a resilient lifetime and beautiful graphics/ artwork. Vinyl billboards has a much brighter appearance, which are more attractive than conventional billboards. They are typically sprayed-painted with an UV protective paint - and can last for years. There is a slight possibility of the wind getting under and rippling them, since they are not stuck to the surface but simply attached to the edges. In my opinion, the vinyl billboards contribute most to the modern billboard advertising effectiveness, with digital billboards coming in at a close second.

Exterior advertising is quickly gaining in popularity. The wide coverage and cost-effectiveness of billboards advertising is indisputable. Nowadays, businesses spend over $6 billion on outdoor advertising - which has certainly proven to be an effective technique of product and service marketing.
Billboard advertising continues to be considered as a quality means of expressing an organization's sales content, market goods and services. If you want to advertise BIG – GO BILLBOARD!

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This article was provided by John Conrad for South African, Cape Town based Signage Company , Assignment3