The eating disorder struggle begins and ends within:

I know, I know, it really does seem like the issue is food and what you weigh and all those people out there who seem to judge or criticize you rather than love and appreciate and welcome you. And it's really frustrating to hear that that isn't really the issue when you don't know what the hell the real issue is or what to do about it to make things different.

When people used to say that to me I felt the same level of frustration and stuckness that I felt when I would read the teachings of great spiritual masters and the essence of their message would be 'be as you are.' Huh? Ummmmm...Well, at that time, 'as i are' was feeling like a total piece of crap 24/7, chronically insecure, binging and hating everything about my body. I was pretty sure that being more of that wasn't the path to enlightenment or anything for that matter other than the mental institution or a life of loneliness and more binging.

So many times I read books about eating disorders or self-esteem and there were no tools in them - just people sharing their own stories and telling me that I too could get better; I too could love myself one day. Again, that's great - thanks! But how exactly? I hated myself and believed everyone hated me (or certainly didn't think I had any value) too.

Oh, I tried the affirmations. I tried positive thinking. I tried stopping negative thoughts. I tried diet after diet after diet. I tried therapy. I tried medicine. I tried dieting. I tried killer bootcamps and exercise programs. Did I mention I tried dieting??? Every diet under the sun. I tried it. And I failed. Failed. Failed. Washed out. Couldn't cut it - didn't have the willpower; was too lazy; didn't care enough about least that's what the diet people said must be the cause, so I believed it and felt even more insecure, anxious, lonely and unlovable every day.

Then, I met a women named Marie who is long retired now but at the time was an innovator in her field and suggested to me a thought which, 25 years ago was a very novel thought indeed: What if my struggles with food and weight loss and self-esteem were not caused by food and weight?


And what if in starting to identify and resolve the true underlying causes of these issues they would, essentially, resolve themselves???

Ummmm....that would be cool! I'd be in for that!

Well, Marie had a great idea and some great ways of helping me to check that idea out for myself. I picked up that ball and I ran with it. I created 2 simple step-by-step tools to streamline the process of identifying what is really triggering you and what you can do about it. I created simple step-by-step information sheets for how to start relating normally to food again.

Put the two together and you have a simple, effective, speedy approach to changing the way you relate to food and to building solid self-esteem and great relationships with other people.

Clients often tell me that they can't believe how easy this approach is. After years of struggling and stressing 24/7 it can feel strange to be experiencing greater peace and confidence with just a few minutes of effort each day. But the truth is change doesn't have to be hard - it's only been hard to far because you've been trying to achieve change in ways that just don't work.

I'm here to help if you're ready to experience confidence and happiness that lasts.

Love Michelle

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Morand, MA, RCC, is a long-recovered binge eater with over 20 years’ experience as a specialist in the field of binge eating, emotional eating, eating disorders and addictions. She is also the founder and director of The CEDRIC Centre, originator of the highly effective and simple CEDRIC Method and author of the ground breaking book, “Food is not the Problem: Deal With What Is.” She has appeared as an expert speaker frequently on TV, radio and in print media. Since its creation in 1995, The CEDRIC Method has helped thousands of men and women worldwide to free themselves completely from the behaviours that are causing them stress.