Being an author, it can be a big achievement to get your work published. It is a dream of many writers and they often need some guidelines about it. This article will be a help to such dreamers.

Important queries regarding the mission
Keep in mind the following things:

  • What is the aim behind becoming an author?
  • What kind of obstacles will come in the way?
  • Can you handle the criticism?
  • Publication at a young age?
  • Who can edit or review your final work?

Key elements of success as a writer:

  • Two elements are a compulsion while writing; patience and inspiration.
  • It is a long and continuous struggle, you will fall and rise. Don't expect success at initial point. Chances of failure are equal as that of success.
  • All writers need inspiration. This inspiration can be a boost of motivation too. It will help you to get bright ideas and improve your style too.

The theme behind the goal of becoming a successful writer:

  • Don't be unrealistic, you while face a lot of ups and downs in the journey. Be prepared for the failures as well as success. Don't desire success at initial steps.
  • Be sure about the plot or domain to be written on. You should be familiar about the environment or genre of the story.
  • Try to connect the situations in your writings. Relate the occurrences. Draw diagrams that can help in composing the story.

How to start?

  • Make rough sketch or draft of what you want to compose. This will be your initial practice. When you will get grip on your writing, you won't even need to stop and recheck what you wrote. Just keep the ink flowing.
  • When you finish up the first draft, just go through it. Check if it has the right flow or sequence. Does it qualify your standards? Are there any mistakes; both grammatical and spelling related. Try to be your own critic. Don't love your work so much that you forget to correct it.
  • Ask for sincere feedback. Some close friend can be a good help in the process. Have a big heart to accept criticism. This is important for your progress.
  • After all the above processes; do type it formally and send to a proper proofreader. This is a major step in the way of getting your stuff published.
  • Be positive when it comes to receiving criticism from the public. Try to take them positively and improve yourself accordingly. Don't think you are a loser if you face negativity. This will help you to grow more and become a good author.
  • Try to follow footsteps of successful authors. Try to be a good student. Pick up the golden points and polish yourself along the way. Go through different fields while reading to enhance your scope and widen your observation. This is a good writing practice and can help you to write on anything and for anyone.
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