The Easiest Way To Reach Any Guitar Playing, Music Career Or Guitar Teaching Goal

By Tom Hess

It’s easy to become a massively successful as a guitarist, guitar teacher or musician when you follow these 3 steps:

Step 1. You Need To Know What “To” Do

It’s difficult to know exactly what you should be doing to achieve your goals as a musician or guitar teacher when you are learning on your own. There is a lot of information online and it’s nearly impossible to know what is correct or incorrect without the help of an expert (read more about this below).

When you know the right things to do, you no longer need to guess. This makes achieving your musical goals as simple as implementing what you know on a consistent basis.

Step 2. You Need To Know What “Not” To Do

There is a ton of misinformation out there coming from people who have not achieved success at what they do. These are guitarists who use inefficient practice methods, guitar teachers who don't know how to keep their students or musicians who fail to make a secure living in their careers.

Learning more about the reasons why these people fail increases your ability to NOT go down the same path.

Step 3. You Need To Know The Order In Which To Do Things

The “right order” is the priority in which you need to do things like master guitar playing skills, learn how to grow different aspects of your guitar teaching business and take specific actions to advance your music career. Some things are more urgent to master than others. The priority is determined by your specific goals and needs as a musician or guitar teacher.

You Need To Have A Mentor To Guide You Through Each Step

Having an experienced mentor who has helped countless others achieve their musical dreams is essential. When you have a mentor, you do not waste time on things that don't help you reach your goals. You learn exactly what you need to do, exactly what not to do and the precise order in which to do everything.

When these pieces are in place, reaching your goal becomes virtually guaranteed.

Are you ready to take the next step and achieve everything you ever wanted as a guitarist and musician? Read this page with guitar playing and music career articles to learn the specific things you must do to become a successful pro musician, guitar teacher or guitar player.


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Tom Hess is an electric guitar teacher online and a music career mentor. Tom also trains musicians on how to succeed in the music business. On his professional musician website you can read many more articles about making a living with a music career.