Whether you are an advanced guitarist or you are just starting, there is one thing that can help you gain massive results from your guitar practice and enhance your motivation for practicing every day. This powerful technique is: tracking each aspect of your guitar playing progress on a regular basis.

Yes, I know this sounds too simplistic and it may seem like common knowledge that tracking your progress can help you improve faster. However, taking this simple action will drastically change how quickly you improve on guitar (and most people never do it!).

Read this guide on how to increase guitar speed to have a clear understanding of how this is possible.

After studying the guide above, there is no doubt that tracking your guitar playing progress has many more benefits than just improving your speed on guitar. Here are the biggest reasons why tracking your musical progress will have a huge positive impact on your overall guitar playing:

Reason One: You Will Move Towards Your Musical Goals At Light Speed

Not tracking you guitar playing progress will inhibit your ability to understand how close you are to reaching your playing goals, and you won't know if the way you are practicing is really effective. By not having this insight, most guitarists lose their focus and waste time practicing pointless guitar licks, new materials, concepts and tricks that completely deviate from their original guitar playing goals.

On the other hand, guitarists who track their progress on a regular basis know exactly which practice items are giving them results and which are not. Thus, they are able to practice with the most effective practice items “only” while replacing or improving the items that aren't good for delivering results. With this kind of efficiency, you can achieve your guitar playing goals much faster.

By the way, tracking progress works not only in music, but all subjects. Think of how it would be if computers were designed without monitoring, tracking and improving their effectiveness along the way. Truth is, computers would not have advanced to the level they are at now if their creators didn't track their performance, strengths and weaknesses in order to make improvements and meet evolving technological needs. Monitoring constant progress is key for successful performance, regardless which field you are in. Likewise, it is key for guitarists who aspire to become great.

Reason Two: You Will Find More Reasons For Practicing Each Day

As you keep improving the results you get from your guitar practice by tracking your progress, additional amazing things will start to happen:

1. A natural motivation will grow inside you. This happens because you now SEE how you become a better player every single time you practice guitar.

2. You will develop an addiction (a healthy one) for practicing and growing your guitar playing levels.

3. Both previous points will reinforce each other. Thus, it will become an independent guitar progress loop that turns you into the best guitar player you could ever be.

Reason Three: You Will Find Your Weaknesses And Your Strengths At Guitar

By using apowerful and effective tool for tracking your guitar playing progress, you will be able to examine your guitar skills on two key levels:

1. The 'zoom out' view: This is a perspective from a higher view where you can see how different guitar skills are being improved. As an example, you could track your progress with chord visualization, music theory and guitar technique in order to see how your overall musical skills are improving in each particular area.

2. The 'zoom in' view: here is where you can choose one big musical skill and break it down in order to track the progress of small elements that form the foundation of your main skill level. This shows you what level you are at with the specific skill being tracked... but not only that, it also tells you WHY you are at this level and what is needed to move beyond your current limitations.

Here is an example: in this guitar speed eGuide, you can see how the skill called 'guitar speed' has been divided into six sub-tracking elements of the technique. When you practice, monitor and master these sub-elements, your overall guitar speed will dramatically improve.

Reason Four: You Will Get Rid Of Your Fears

Tracking your guitar playing goals is like having a cure for slow guitar playing progress. Knowing every step you need to take - every single day - to become great will give you a deep sense of confidence in your true potential for becoming the guitarist you always wanted to be.

You now have discovered how you can benefit from tracking your musical progress. Don't waste any time practicing guitar without tracking all the elements of your guitar playing. To get a deep understanding about the specific areas you must track in your overall guitar technique, take a look at this eGuide about increasing guitar speed and implement the advice in it to maximize your guitar playing progress.


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About The Author: Tom Hess is a very successful guitar trainer and recording musician. He assists people from all over the world in his rock guitar lessons online. Check out his website tomhess.net to get free guitar playing tools and to read more guitar playing articles.