Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to make money and a difference all around the world, 24/7, regardless of time zone, while you were awake, asleep, working, playing or doing whatever you wanted to do?

Of course it would! That’s why so many heart-centered entrepreneurs are adding information products to their income stream.

The problem is that people often think they have to take time off work and spend a lot of money to create them.

When the truth is, not only will it not cost you a ton of money to create your first information product, but you can get paid to do it. All you have to do is deliver your expert advice live through a teleseminar.

In fact, the best products are built that way. They’re so much more dynamic when you’re teaching the material live to people on the line than if you were sitting alone in your office in front of your microphone.

Plus, when you create your information product via teleseminar, you get on-the-spot feedback about your market’s interest, and you can adjust as necessary. You won’t be one of the many I see spending thousands of dollars to create an expansive product only to discover, when they launch it, that it’s not quite what the market needs. Yours will be solidly on the mark and up-to-the-minute.
So here are the seven super simple steps for creating your own information product via teleseminar:

1. Offer a free teleseminar preview call and invite people to the call from your list, the lists of other people you know, and through social media. The call is free and will be packed with value, so people will sign up in droves. When they come to the call, offer them the opportunity to deepen their work with you in a five-part teleseries, which you offer at a pilot price.

2. Create the teleseminar training series. People are counting on you so there’s no getting out of it or putting it off! As I’ve said before, the teleseminar structure will force you to organize your content into a system that other people can get results with. It’s a real win-win.

3. Record the teleseminar series while you lead it, and have CDs created from the files. Both are super easy and inexpensive to do these days.

4. Have the recordings transcribed.

5. Add worksheets to help people integrate the material at home.

6. Give your CDs and transcripts a nice package and cover.
7. Contract a fulfillment house to print on demand and fulfill the orders for you.

Voila! You just got your first information product done and you were paid to do it!

Now, you can start enjoying the wonders of passive income while expanding your reach and helping people around the world.

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