Dabbing is a new and growing trend amongst smoking aficionados. It is an excellent alternative for those smokers looking for a less harsh smoking experience. For a great dabbing experience, it is crucial that your cheap dab rigs stay clean at all times. Whatever concentrates you smoke, your dab rig is bound to get murky with frequent use. A dirty dab rig glass stained with resin will inhibit proper airflow, thereby producing a hit that is less flavorful. With time, if you do not clean it, it may become completely clogged. Fortunately, cleaning a dab rig is quite easy.

While there is a wide variety of glass-cleaning products on the market, these solutions are expensive with most of them not working to produce the desired results. Fortunately, these products can easily be replaced with two regular household items: salt and isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is a common element in most glass cleaners whereas salt adds a coarse element that is essential for removing sticky lumps of resin. Other than these two items, we also like to use paper towels, pipe cleaners, and Q-tips.

What you will need:

• Salt (Epsom salt or grainy sea salt)
• Isopropyl alcohol
• Q-tips or pipe cleaners
• Paper towels
• Cotton balls

How to clean your dab rig

1. Prep Your Glass

Rinse the glass with lukewarm water to rid it of any big chunks of resin and dirty bong water.

2. Add Solution

Funnel salt into the rig to coat the inside. Generally, you should fill the glass up with isopropyl alcohol to the water-line. Plug the mouthpiece opening and down stem with a paper towel. This will help prevent you from making a mess in the next step. Consider letting the alcohol and salt solution soak for at least 30 minutes to loosen the dirt if the glass is overly dirty. If, on the other hand, you clean your glass on a regular basis, you will not need to soak your dab rig glass.

3. Shake Well

When shaking the solution in the glass, the goal here is to be forceful, but not violent. Make finesse your best friend. You do not want to break or detach any percolators through unreasonably vigorous cleaning. Once you give it a good shake, pour the resulting slurry of alcohol, salt and reclaim down the sink.

If you have spots that require a little bit of detail, use an alcohol-soaked pipe cleaner or Q-tip to scrub it off gently. Also, make sure to wipe down the outer part of the glass with a paper towel soaked in alcohol to remove any fingerprints, dirt or dust stuck to the outer part of the glass.

4. Rinse Thoroughly

Rinse out the glass with clean water several times so that all the smell of alcohol is completely gone once you are done rinsing.

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