There is no audience or brand that can not benefit from this tool. Digital signage is a communication channel that is gaining positions exponentially in shops, for the promotion of their products or services. Three aspects that make this technology attractive are: the content of the information screens is dynamic, the programming is controlled in real time and in many cases the system is interactive.

The general manager of a reputed digital signage company, Juan Carlos explained that this new means of communication is direct and transmitted to a specific audience, in the place and time when its influence can cause more impact. He stressed that the customer experience at the points of sales is fundamental for brands, "especially in this multichannel era in which consumers expect their supplier to offer them the greatest convenience to make their purchases," he added.

The strategic location of the digital signage screens in areas with high traffic of people, their dynamic content, the possibility of including musical threads within advertising, the immediate production times and low costs (due to the fact that no type of printing) make this technology is appreciated in many sectors of advertising and marketing in Australia, such as: the evolution of outdoor advertising.

A study conducted by TimeTrade in April last year revealed that 64% of consumers choose to buy a product in a specific store because of the global experience it offers them; while 30% highlighted the fast service as decisive for their purchase.

Common applications of digital signage
Advertising Billboards: Consists of the installation of led screens in high visibility points, which serve to place ads and high impact content. Its dynamism makes consumers pay more attention and influence their purchase decision.

Digital Menu: this is how the way of presenting products within a restaurant has evolved, using LED screens to show, in real time, products, promotions, prices and more. Companies that apply this technology typically see an increase in their sales, thanks to the ability to display their promotional items effectively.

Corporate Billboards: they are a trend in corporate communication that has proven effective as a notification and motivation tool for employees. They differ by providing current and relevant information about the organization, news of interest, product launches, testimonials, training actions and benefits, involving employees in the daily operations of the company.

Digital Directories: They work as interactive maps that allow visitors to know where they are located and how to get to the specific site that interests them.

It is necessary to install the screens in the areas of greater traffic, oriented in the senses of greater flow, concentrated and arranged in a way that helps to generate advertising spot, to capture the attention of the shopper.

Even though the most common uses of digital signage are those described above is that, the possibilities of this communication channel are endless: "There is no audience or brand that can not benefit from this technology. At you can choose from different signage options like; LCD digital signage, LED rental displays, and many more. We have the human talent and the experience to implement successfully, from the simplest and immediate needs, to the most demanding strategies of our clients. We offer you never seen before digital signage solutions that will WOW your audience each time.

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