If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, this is the one thing that is forgotten so easily. There is a delay in time, quite often, from the time you decide what you’d like to manifest until the time you experience the evidence that the Universe is about to deliver your goods.

Now that I’ve reminded you of the dreaded time buffer when it comes to manifesting it, will you remember it when you really want to manifest something and you don’t get your results quick? Probably not.

But you could, with a little intention behind this skill.

I’ll use the desire for more revenue in your business to demonstrate why it is critical to your success to master trust.

The normal journey of an enlightened person in need of manifesting money now:

1. Decision is made that money is needed right now or s%&* is going to hit the fan.
2. Practice focusing on how great it’s going to be when that money shows up.
3. Day three –five and nothing is different so you question your process. Am I visioning enough? What action do I need to take? What will happen if no new money comes in the door?
4. Fear gets the better of you and a decision is made that you’re up the creek with no paddle. Dark gloom or panic sets in.
5. You take random, ungrounded actions desperate for some movement in the money department and still see no results. Or you sit in panic, pick fights with your mate and find that insomnia is your new BFF.
6. One month later nothing has shifted.

The masterful journey of money creation when remembering the time buffer of manifestation:

1. Decision is made that money is needed right now because you are no longer going to settle for less than you desire.
2. Practice focusing on how great it’s going to be when that money shows up.
3. Fill out your Speed Dial the Universe manifestation journal (aka The Jeanna Journal). Seriously, you need one…grab it here: http://www.masterpeacecoaching.com/success-products-store/2009/4/4/speed...
4. Day three you realize how calm you feel about money and know that whatever you’re focusing on is the right path.
5. Day five you notice that there have been a few trickles of money coming in and you truly appreciate them. You see them as evidence that you are making the shift into a new wealth setpoint. You stick to your routine knowing that you are shifting old patterns and vibrations and this takes some time.
6. You hold the course, tuning into any guidance about what actions might serve you best as you trust that you will have enough income for whatever you desire. Money begins to show up in bigger and better amounts. Your bills get paid, you pay yourself first and sock some moola away in savings.

The ONLY reason you fall down when being deliberate with your focus is you forget the time buffer and give up on yourself. When you trust your ability to get what you want without pushing, patience will not be needed. You will be more focused on the inner work than on being a whirling dervish with your actions.

Be at peace now. Do not wait for the manifestation to be your comfort. Mastery at anything takes time. Practice staying the course, for however long it takes for the shift inside of you to occur. You’ll know when it’s happened because bills could be stacked a mile high with a zero balance in your checking account and you’d be as cool as a cucumber.

Keep this in mind, if there were no time buffer you’d manifest your scariest fears. I’m sooooo grateful for the time delay because it gives us time to get our head in the right place to manifest the good stuff.

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