Many people require glasses to correct their vision. Glasses can be useful for reading, seeing far away or seeing more clearly at any distance. If you wear glasses, it's important to follow certain guidelines to ensure you get the most benefit from them. The following are some essential do's and don'ts for wearing glasses.

Do Get Your Vision Checked Regularly

You should have your eyes checked by an optometrist or ophthalmologist on a regular basis. An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who not only checks your vision but makes sure your eyes are healthy. They will spot any problems or diseases of the eye. Optometrists are not doctors but are eye professionals who can provide you with the proper eyeglass prescription.

Do Wear Glasses that Flatter Your Face

Nowadays you have a wide choice of styles when it comes to glasses. You may as well choose frames that make you look your best. Depending on the shape of your face, you may look better with thin or thick glasses. You may prefer plastic or metal frames. Frames also come in a variety of colors. If you purchase your glasses from an online eyeglasses store, like Marvel Optics, make sure you choose a style that's right for you.

Do Take Proper Care of Your Glasses

Eyeglasses are delicate and should be cared for properly. Always keep them in a case when not wearing them. Be careful not to leave them in a place where young children or pets might play with them. Avoid leaving glasses in places where they will get too hot, such as a car in summer.

Don't Wear Glasses That are Damaged or That are the Wrong Prescription

Glasses need to be replaced sooner or later. You may need a new prescription or the old ones will eventually get scratched up or otherwise damaged. Wearing glasses that are damaged or that are no longer right for your eyes can harm your vision. If your glasses are showing signs of wear or you notice they don't correct your vision as well as they once did, it's time to replace them.

Don't Clean Your Glasses With Harsh Chemicals

Don't use harsh cleaners such as ammonia or commercial glass cleaners on your eyeglasses. These chemicals can do damage to your glasses and even your eyes. Clean your glasses with a soft, moist cloth. You can also use specialty formulated eyeglass cleaners specifically made for cleaning eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Glasses can improve the quality of your life by correcting your vision. You must, however, take proper care of them if you want them to serve you well. Regular eye exams and taking good care of your glasses will help keep you seeing clearly.

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