This article describes the dos and don’ts of marble splashback kitchen cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your project.

In most cases, people struggle to keep the marble splashback kitchen in perfect condition. You should not feel alone because you are not the only person to deal with it.

As marble is a luxurious material, proper cleaning and maintenance is a must to keep its beauty intact. However, 70% of people find trouble performing regular cleaning tasks due to busy schedules. Suppose you are unable to clean regularly, it is suggested to fix a periodic routine to work on its cleaning process and maintain the beauty of this stone intact.

To help you out, let’s discuss some dos and don’ts of marble cleaning process in the next section. This information will help you avoid unknown mistakes and keep you on track.

Dos of Marble Splashback and Countertop Kitchen Cleaning

• Do order a good cleanser if required. Or say, be careful about choosing the cleaning substance to avoid any uncertain damage to its surface.
• Do use cutting boards for chopping vegetables, coasters to place liquid containers, and trivets to place hot pans to avoid damage to its surface. It prevents scratches & etches.
• Do make sure to apply sealant on a regular basis to retain the gorgeous look of this stone. It is good to follow this process once a year.
• Do add stone polish at your own will to create a preventive layer on the marble surface. It helps you avoid damage to this stone as well as keep it in good condition.
Don’ts of Marble Splashback and Countertop Kitchen Cleaning
• Don’t use the countertop as your worktop bench by placing whatever you want and go for cleaning them. It must be used just for cooking and maintain its longevity.
• Don’t use regular household cleansers in any way to clean the marble surface. It may contain acids or other chemicals to affect the stone badly.
• Don’t put too much weight on its surface and avoid sitting on them while cleaning. It may lose its structural integrity and lead to damaging the same.

How Often Should You Clean the Marble Surface?

You may ask yourself when you should follow the cleaning process. If you are aware of this thing, you could work on it to keep the stone in good condition all the time. Perhaps, it is always better to clean your kitchen every day after its use. However, a tight schedule may restrict you from doing the same. This is why you must fix a date every week to clean kitchen.

With this kind of approach, you get a chance to remove stains before they become stubborn. It is also asked to apply sealants every year and maintain the beauty of this stone.

Who Can Install Marble to Follow These Important Things?

For the installation of natural stone, there is no restriction to anyone. Based on your professional needs and budget, you can go ahead and install marble at your home. Many offices consider using this material in the foyer area, reception, and other places. So, identify how you want to decorate your property with its use and ask for an expert installation service.

Did you know? The installation of this stone requires investing a significant amount of money. It is asked to verify your budget before you go for this project and keep yourself safe in terms of finances. More importantly, you can save money in the long run as its longevity is about two decades. During this time, you don’t have to think about repair or replacement of marble.

Final Thoughts

As of now, you get to know the dos and don’ts of cleaning marble splashback kitchens and countertops. Follow the basics all the time to avoid uncertainties in your project. It is also a way to ensure a lifelong investment in your property because it will retain its beauty for several years. The best thing is that you can choose the colour of this stone while installation.

So, don’t miss out on using this material for construction work and make sure of its cleaning regularly. If required, you can hire experts to restore the look of your installed marble stone.

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The author is a talented installer with years of experience in installing marble splashback kitchens and other similar projects. He also spends time writing posts about the significance of this natural stone for both residential and official purposes.