Fake IDs are not less than any blessing for the teenagers. It’s the single entry ticket for all your favorite rides that bring fun and excitement to your lives. Fake IDs are also becoming popular and common day by day, especially in college students. These students spend abundant amounts of money on the fake IDs in the hope of getting their favorite booze in some fancy club rather than in their boring dorm rooms. But these fun experiences come with some challenges too. So we decided to offer some help to keep your expensive fake IDs out of a bouncer’s pockets. In this post, we are going to mention some dos and don’ts for using a fake ID.

Critical Items to keep in Mind-

We have used our personal contacts, to talk to the club bouncers and took their interviews to advise you better. The first thing that the bounders usually check is the state mentioned on the fake ID. Try to avoid the states that are known for fake IDs as they can create suspicion. Don’t use states like New Hampshire, Delaware, and Maryland as they are quite famous fake IDs.

Over-sized and Poor Quality Picture-

One of the top hallmarks of poor quality and easily detectable fake ID are over-sized picture and poorly done hologram.

Choose a Fast Delivery Supplier-

One of the safe approach to buy a fake ID is to order from a supplier that guarantee quick delivery. We searched the Internet and came up with an Idchief. They guarantee a fast delivery even in the pandemic where all the important and exports are stopped. You can check https://topfakeid.com/shop/connecticut-id/ here. With that said, let’s get straight to the list of Do’s and Don’ts of buying a fake ID.

Do: Buy your Fake ID from a Trustworthy Source-

With the trend of carrying fake IDs getting stronger, there is an increase in the numbers of fake ID providers online and offline (in the city). But not all of them are experienced as they show on the websites. If you order by a blind eye, you will end up receiving a poor quality Fake ID. For that, you should check the reviews on the websites. The Internet is a precarious place to find something real due to that it’s really easy for any website to get fake reviews. We suggest checking Idchief reviews as they are genuine and trustworthy.

Do: Suggestions from Trustworthy Persons-

It’s always good to take your best friends’ advice before making any decision. Buying a fake ID is serious work. It would be best to get a recommendation from a trustworthy friend or your elder brother who has used the fake ID before you make a purchase. You can also check the credibility of their ID by following them to the bar and watch whether their ID is accepted or thrust in a bouncer’s back pocket or another simple way is to compare it with the real ID of the same state.

Do: Order from the Internet-

Although it is debatable as some people don’t trust online suppliers due to bad experience related to the Internet scams. But with being attentive and extra conscious, you can get yourself a good quality fake ID from the Internet without any hassle. Make sure to check the Idchief reviews before ordering one, and then you’re good to go. 

Don’t: Trust the Internet Blindly 

The Internet is full of opportunities and scams too. You should not trust the Internet with closed eyes when it decides to buy a fake ID. It’s stupidity to do that. Let us share a real-life experience of a friend. One of friend resident of California decided to order a fake ID from the Internet under the recommendation of some unseen person who was his friend of a friend. He got scammed with a seven-years-old ID. All the money went down the drains. Use your common sense and don’t trust buying a fake ID from an unseen Internet entity.

Don’t: Get an Old Fake ID from a Friend that looks Similar-

Until you don’t have an identical twin brother, we strongly suggest that you don’t use another person’s fake ID to get you and that person in serious trouble. Don’t save some bucks and get yourself a new fake ID as it’s totally worth the cost and a little risk can ruin your fun.

Debatable: Buy a Fake ID Just for Alcohol-

If you’re already satisfied with your boring social life that revolves around drinking in the dorm rooms with friends, in that case, a Fake ID is not for you as you’re already missing out most of the fun in your life. We suggest you change this habit and start living your life, go out clubbing with friends, dance while getting drunk. If you’re buying a fake ID, then make the most out of it.


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Hassan AWan