It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. Whether you choose to buy or rent those additional decorations that add the extra finishing touch needed for your wedding photos, the costs add up. However, one thing that people forget sometimes is the art of DIY – and the affordability of it too.

Although getting involved with some arts and crafts projects in your free time might not be your preferred choice of hobby, it is something that could see you save a substantial amount of money on your wedding budget.

With this said, we discuss some simple yet effective ways to make some quirky DIY additions to your wedding tables and the resources you’ll need to make them.


Not only do lanterns make for a cute and cosy light setting, but they can also add the extra finishing touches needed to your wedding theme too. For example, if you’ve chosen a wedding venue in Cumbria, placing lanterns on your tables can enhance that old-school adventurer theme you are trying to achieve.

Of course, buying lanterns would save time and effort, however, it wouldn’t save you any money. By taking a trip to your local store, you can create a ritzy lantern frame with just a few simple steps.

The first thing you’ll need to buy is four photo frames and a hot glue gun or super glue. Depending on the theme you are going for, choose your frames wisely in order to keep a consistent style throughout.

Next, remove the break-off tabs that hold in the matting from the frames and begin gluing the frames together in the shape of a cuboid. By now, you will see the frame of your lantern come together nicely.

Once the glue is dry, purchase some pillar candles at your local store and position as many or as few as you want in the centre of your lantern. To add an extra finishing touch, place a flower wreath around the lantern in the centre of the table, making for an elegant and simplistic table display.

Quirky signs

Signs can be used for more than just to show guests where they will be sat for the event, they can be used to add a splash of character to your table displays. Whether you’re wanting to greet your guests with a ‘Welcome to our wedding day’ sign, or ‘Photo booth is that way [arrow sign]’ indication, there is an abundance of ways to make these apart of the table décor.

First, you’ll need to purchase some plywood. Then, choose a colour paint you think would work best with your display. Side note – water-based acrylic paints tend to work best with plywood. Proceed to paint the plywood.

Leave the paint to dry for two hours and in the meantime, find a template/stencil you like online that says the message of your choosing and print this out. Next, cut any excess off the stencil you don’t need. Then, on the back of the stencil, use white chalk to trace the outline of the letters – this step is vital to keep things neat and tidy.

Once you’ve traced the letters, place the stencil on your plywood board using Sellotape to hold the stencil still. After, use a pencil and trace around the letters – by doing this, the pressure of the pencil will allow for the chalk lines to transfer onto your plywood – making it easier for you to keep in the lines for the final steps!

Then all that’s left to do is purchase some paint pens and go over the chalk lines that transferred. And there you have it – some adorable table signs with a personalised touch.

Real or faux: plant décor edition

Buying real flower displays or bouquets can be expensive – especially since they won’t last forever. So, one clever alternative you could choose is to DIY your own faux flower display! This is something you can really get creative with and ponder over the array of faux flowers and mini plants there are available – and at a much cheaper cost than buying real blooms too.

After searching the market for the most elegant faux plants, it's up to you how you choose to present them. For those trying to achieve a rustic themed wedding, purchasing some mini wooden crates to place your faux flowers or plants in would suit your style. Alternatively, for a more modern and chic design, loose faux flowers placed in a glass jar or even wine bucket would add a stylish touch to your wedding tables.

To really make your faux flowers come to life, place a set of micro fairy lights around your flower display, creating the ultimate cute and cosy floral theme.

Less is more: table décor

Even the most simplistic of table décor is often overlooked – the ‘less is more’ attitude is definitely something to embrace here. By taking a trip to your local arts and crafts store, or even supermarket, you’ll find DIY inspiration wherever you look.

The likes of confetti, pearl or gold garlands, balloons, or even mini easels to place some polaroids of you and your partner on can all be brought together to make the ultimate wedding table display at a low cost.

These are only a handful of the quirky ways you can use your DIY and craftsmanship abilities to create a unique and heartfelt wedding table display. Although not all DIY projects offer price advantages, there are an abundance of alternatives to choose that will see you create a stunning display for a low budget.


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