You have been invited to participate in a wondrous dance with the Divine! You chose the pace, the tempo, the direction and the form. The Divine supplies the very substance of creation to and through you for this creative dance. It is ongoing, ever-evolving dance of creation with the Master Creator of All!

A Divine invitation has been automatically issued to every person who has ever been born, or who will be born. The invitation is not sent en masse like a bulk mailing to all mankind. Instead, your invitation has been addressed with care, personalized with your name and your soul’s imprint. The invitation was sent to you, from the Master Creator.

Have you received the request from your Creator to join Him in the dance of life? Are you open to the idea of a Divine dance? Or do you shake your head and turn away, allowing your logical mind to dissuade you from what your heart knows is true?

Close your eyes and imagine the grandest, most elegant invitation you have ever seen. It could be embossed with gold, or simply made with love shining off the paper. God has designed your invitation to fit you and no one else. My invitation will be completely different from yours, because we are two different people. And guess what? I cannot accept your invitation to the dance anymore than you could accept mine! Only the person to whom the invitation was addressed may accept it.

What is the best gift you have ever received? Was it a Christmas or birthday present? Do you still remember your child’s first word as the most precious gift you have ever had? Whatever it is for you, think about what happened when you were given this gift. The person giving the present had to offer it to you, and you had to accept it. If you never accepted the gift, you never would have received the wonderful emotions and feelings that you still attach to that present.

The Divine invitation works the same way! God has issued His invitation to every person who has ever walked or who now walks the earth. He has made the offer, but it remains an offer until you accept it. You can never receive the gift He has for you until you say “Yes” to his offer. You can never experience the joy and love of the Divine dance until you RSVP to the invitation!

It works the same way in the law. To have a binding contract, you first must have an offer and consideration. The contract does not become legally binding on the parties until the offer has been accepted by the other side. If the offer remains open, then no contract is formed. Why would it be any different with God’s offer?

What happens when you do accept the Divine invitation and you begin your dance? Do you lead the dance or do you follow? Think of yourself as the follower and God as the leader in this Divine dance. Because of this joint venture, you are a co-creator with God in your own life.

You impress your consciousness on the Divine substance of creation. Do you impress lack and limitation, or do you impress abundance and prosperity? It is your choice and it really is that simple.

Expand your awareness to focus on God in all things. See through the lens of abundance and the illusions of lack and limitation will disappear. Dance with the joy of oneness and love! Affirm to yourself that:

• I am here to express the Divine in physical form.
• I am a spark that ignites the light of consciousness in others.
• I am living a life of abundance, joy, prosperity, laughter and love because I am here to express the Divine in physical form.

Then dance like crazy and create your life!

A Note From the Author
Thank you for sharing the Divine dance with me. Please feel free to share this information with anyone you believe it may help. If at least one person’s perspective and beliefs change as a result of reading this material, I will have done my part to raise the spiritual consciousness of the world. Of course, I have higher aspirations than just one person…

I am reminded of my daughter and husband skipping rocks on a lake near our home. The best results happen when there is no wind, the water is still and smooth, and they find rocks that are flat and just the right size to skim over the water’s surface. My husband spent many hours of his childhood perfecting his technique, and now he is passing that on to our daughter. The most skips I have seen him create total 9!

Imagine all of us skipping rocks on that same smooth water. After each brief kiss with the water, small concentric circles grow and expand. If enough people skipped rocks on the same surface at the same time, those circles would overlap and touch each other!

The information and material is this e-book and in "Dance with the Divine, A GuiDance Story" are like the rocks in my story. A rock cannot ripple the water’s smooth surface until someone picks it up and throws it, creating action. The lake and the water’s surface are symbolic of our joined consciousness. When we throw our individual rocks and use this knowledge to grow and improve, the surface of the water is touched and it expands. Soon, an entirely new surface is created by use of this knowledge!

The more people who chose God in each moment to be their leader and guide, the more ripples we create on the shared consciousness of humankind. We expand our world by our choices, and we help others do the same.

Just think what an impact it could have to share this information with prisoners who are sitting in a windowless cell, or with the poor who have given up hope. What about a troubled teenager who makes the wrong choices because he believes that no one cares? Or the lonely widower who is just waiting to leave this life? Reach out to those people who are desperate to know that they are cared for and loved.

Please share this message! Please make sure that you let other people know that God loves them beyond all measure, and their invitation is waiting for them to accept. No matter what the circumstances, no matter what their history, once they accept the Divine invitation, they can begin dancing to the music.

Do your part to change the consciousness of the world. And may God bless you with his abundance, love and light!

Author's Bio: 

Kathryn Eriksen is the perfect example of a person who has “awakened” to her own spiritual nature. Raised in a traditional home, she chose the traditional path of college and a legal career. After 23 years of practicing law, it slowly dawned on her that life did not have to be filled with competition, adversity and limitations. A zealous advocate for her clients, Kathryn now uses those same highly developed communication skills, laser beam focus and high octane energy to be an advocate for a much higher client – God!

A published author, Kathryn is the creator behind two other spiritual works, Walk With the Master and The Faithful Companion Guide ( The theme of spiritual oneness and mastery of thought resound in both works.

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