The Divine Dance of Fate and Free Will

Throughout the course of one’s life, we will make millions or billions of choices all forming the unique patterns of our experience. As we inevitably come to a place of reference, standing in our light as expanding beings existing in this empowered moment in our life, we can recall the seemingly endless amount of choices we’ve made that follow each other one by one like divinely directed dominoes; a cascade of experiences to such a multitude that begs the awakened soul to understand the impossibility of coincidence, while acknowledging the definitive actionable course of our choices, such as those which have led us to be reading these words, right here and right now.

We can look back on all the choices we’ve made, which carve our path notch by notch into a beautiful, unique and winding figure of our life’s journey, and we can feel how we felt as we made those decisions…we can recall the moments, the context and the motivations for moving in the directions we did. We know our choices were made as expressions of our free will; unfettered and without a disembodied spirit whispering direction into our ear.

But we also look at the big picture of our life and know that this all didn’t happen by chance. We know that we exist here with a Divine purpose to our lives, on a planet, in a universe, which operates within a Divine order. We are existing right here and now as a manifestation of the magical melody which is fate, yet tempered with undeniable divergence of the free will and freedom of expression which has led us here.

So is there free will? Or is there fate?

Is it one or the other? Or are they 2 sides of the same coin?

The divine dance of fate and free will ensues.

As we come to a certain level of awareness, we accept that “all is as it should be” in all moments. There are no “wrong choices”, and whether we choose to move left or we choose to go right, we will have chosen perfectly nonetheless.

Free will, “the power to choose our destiny”, that’s an interesting phrase, almost oxy-moronic. But it is truth, isn’t it?

The power inherent in knowing this truth is to recognize the farce of judgment and critical self-sabotaging regret. Wherever we are is exactly where we are supposed to be and even though we may find ourselves in places that do not align with the highest intentions for our life experience, there is a subtle warmth and comfort that comes with knowing that no matter how rough life can seem right now, we haven’t strayed from our path. As the difference between truth and experience highlights, we haven’t made “bad choices” and we haven’t relinquished the Divine connection of our soul’s calling to align with the ultimate purpose of our existence.

We are free, in any moment, to make the choice to begin living that purpose out loud.

The power of choice is the freedom of expression and creativity which drives the invariably unique multitudes of life-paths one can take. So many options and variables. Yet for me when I look at where I stand, of course it was always going to be this way, this place, this time, right here and now.

The multi-dimensional nature of our ability to choose blends effortlessly with the fulfillment of our Divine purpose, even if we never consciously accept that purpose.

fate and free will

We begin to let go of the resistance of the past that we carry and project into the future as a defense mechanism perfected by past transgressions which has been slicing and trimming our present experiences into the same old cast, over and over again.

The past begins to fade away as we let go of the boxes and compartments we’ve employed to use as shields for our experience. We learn to let go of the old energy and accept that no matter what comes or where we find ourselves, all will be as it should be.

We no longer require “protection” from the unknown because we trust the Divine Plan to carry our vulnerable hearts into a new level of experience that is more majestic, breathtaking, beautiful and expansive than we could’ve imagined. We realize that we’ve been projecting past “misfortune” onto our current and future circumstances all because we would inevitably come to this moment where the act of doing so created for us the opportunity for understanding, the reference points, to appreciate the infinite possibility of what can now happen when we begin letting go of the past and living presently with an open heart, full of love for our self and trust in the process, trust in Divine order.

All will be as it should be. There is nothing to fear. We even realize that fear isn’t to be fear, that experiencing fear is just creating the reference point for us to understand and appreciate that it was just serving a purpose, as everything does.

All experiences carry the energy of unity, the energy of love, inherent within them. The worst of the worst becomes the best of the best the moment we begin to let go and accept what it has taught us about ourselves.

What would life mean without the multidimensional dance of fate and free will anyway?

Could synchronicity even exist without the free-will to spark the potential? Then it wouldn’t be synchronicity it would just be inevitability without the color of choice. Yes!

That’s it! Choice and free will are the colors and fate is the rainbow’s arch.

There is so much power, clarity and purpose waiting for us the moment we begin to accept every moment and every experience for its inherent value. We must learn and master the art of letting go of the past and continue moving forward into grander multi-dimensional experiences knowing that all is as it should be.

There is no one more important, more powerful and more perfectly suited to change the world than you. There is no one else having your experience and no one better equipped to change everything. Is you, it always has been you and it always will be YOU.

It’s your destiny. <3

Thank you, your brother in truth, light and love,


Author's Bio: 

Andrew R. Profaci is a 31 year old spiritualist, jiu-jitsu practitioner and animal lover from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who writes personal and spiritual development articles that carry a self-empowering message based on the experiences of his life’s journey. He is the owner of 5D News and a life-coach for many who are seeking greater clarity, alignment, purpose and fulfillment in their life. Andrew brings a realistic and grounded approach to spirituality that empowers others to take back control of their experience and manifest the dreams that are our birthright.