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Ukraine, the land of orthodox churches and the Black Sea coastline; a beautiful paradise found in the cultural haven- Europe. Ukraine is not only a country of vast scenic beauty and cultural magnificence but an educational centre bringing in thousands of students every year to its doorstep. Students from across the globe seek out the phenomenal medical universities in Ukraine for its educational brilliance and world-class infrastructure.

Students choose universities based on several factors, most importantly on accessibility and location. Here are the top 3 medical Universities in Ukraine and their distance from Ukraine’s star city and capital, Kiev.

O.O Bogomolets National Medical University

The prestigious institution of Bogomolets National Medical University was founded in 1841 in the capital city of Kiev in Ukraine. It’s named after the renowned physiologist Alexander A. Bogomolets. The University host over 10,000 every year, with over 1000 international students.

Distance: The University is just 1.3Kms from Kiev. It will take about a 3-minute car drive to reach the institute or a 15-minute walk.

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Formerly known as Lvov State Medical Institute, this University is one of the oldest and biggest universities in Ukraine. Founded and opened on November 16, 1784, by the Austrian Emperor Josef II, it is one of the best medical universities providing IV level of accreditation.

Distance: The University is located in Lviv, which is approximately about 6-hours from Kiev. Public transportation to Lviv is available every day as trains or buses. Otherwise, car rental services are available throughout the city at a reasonable rate.

Bukovinian State Medical University

This University is one of the largest university in Ukraine. The university is unique to have a medical lyceum; Chernivtsi, Vashkivtsi, Novoselytsia and Kovel’ (Volyn’) Medical Colleges; 4 medical faculties; stomatological and pharmaceutical faculties; a department of post-graduate education, and department for foreign students for orientation and preparation.

The university holds IV level accreditation and is recognised by the WHO, Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, Italy), and the Association of the CarpathianRegion Universities as one of the top universities which provide medical training according to the European grading system.

Distance: The University is located in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. It’s approximately 7-hours and 45-minutes commute from the capital of Kiev by the means of public transport or rental cars.

In the gorgeous city of Ukraine, transportation is advanced and easy. It is obvious that students will have no trouble locating and commuting to various medical universities in Ukraine. Furthermore, MBBS universities have several contacts in the country which will ensure your safe stay and travelling. Choose wise and choose the best, MBBS Universities is just a click away!

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