Big breasts are for women and firm muscled chests are for men. Big breasts are always associated with women and if men started to have big breasts, this could disturb the norms of the society. Men with big breasts are not accepted by the society because this is against the norms. And so, men suffering from male breast enlargement have dilemmas that no one wishes to experience. Gynecomastia is a condition where men suffer from abnormal growth of the breasts due to excess growth of breast tissues and in some cases, men with enlarged breasts may even produce milk. This condition usually occurs during puberty and there are reports that half of all boys going through puberty most likely to experience gynecomastia. This condition usually goes away on its own within few months or a year but in some cases, the condition continues until adulthood and this gives men great dilemma. Having woman-like breasts could seriously hurt one's manhood and self-image. The dilemma of suffering from male breast enlargement is beyond imagination. To fully understand what men with gynecomastia are going through, keep reading.

Embarrassment. We all have physical flaws but we should be at least at peace with our flaws and not embarrassed or humiliated by them. Having enlarged breasts which is considered not a normal thing in our society makes men feel humiliated. Having woman-like breasts could make a man feel extremely embarrassed with his physical appearance. They are so embarrassed and self-conscious with their appearance that they want to hide and shy away from people. Men suffering from male breasts enlargement and living with this kind of embarrassment is not living at all.

Depression. Physical appearance is an important part of one's self-image. Most men usually want to have well-built and muscled body because they usually believe having well-built body adds to their macho image. Having gynecomastia could ruin one's self-image and may bring a great deal of emotional distress. When one is not happy with his physical appearance and being teased for having features that resembles that of women's, it could lead to sadness and eventually depression. Suffering from male breast enlargement is not easy and could affect men not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally.

Issues with intimacy. Men are usually embarrassed and do not talk about gynecomastia. They usually hide the condition by wearing baggy clothes or layers of clothes. They also avoid activities like swimming or any physical activities that will require them to expose their bare chest in public. Sad to say that this behavior of hiding their embarrassing condition also affect their personal or romantic relationships. Most men with gynecomastia avoid getting intimate with their partners for fear of rejection. The rejection of the society is hard enough to bear and another rejection from the woman he adores because of an abnormal breast growth can be unbearable. Gynecomastia can prevent men from getting intimate with their partners and to avoid the rejection some men even sacrifice ending their romantic relationships.

Gynecomastia is more than just a physical problem because it affects men in a deeper level. Fortunately, men do not have to remain suffering from male breast enlargement because this problem can be corrected. Of course, you should choose the best treatment that will work for you and will not put your health at risk. Although surgery is a quick solution, it is accompanied by risks and irreversible side effects and not to mention that it is very costly. Before putting yourself under the knife, it is best to explore non-surgical options.

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