We are seeing a lot more in the media about bullies, both singly and in groups, and how they are reeking havoc on our youth and pets. I know this has been going on for lifetimes. There are also statistics showing that fledgling serial killers usually warm-up on animals, first by injury or burning and then later escalating to murder and dismemberment. It’s disgusting to read about or see in video but the fact is we can’t turn away just because it makes us uncomfortable.

These two links are the most recent;
link 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZh7q8kGFyU&feature=fvst
link 2: http://www.therightscoop.com/special-needs-kid-gets-punched-at-school-an...

While researching this article I discovered that animal rescue groups have been around much longer (1866, the Humans Society) than women’s shelters (1970, Strengthen Our Sisters) and that 50% of the women and children living on the street are doing so to escape domestic violence.

I think the time has come where we as humans can no longer tolerate the violence that is being heaped upon us and sensationalized by the media; not only for the horror and injustice of the attacks but for the ratings. At least until something more sensational happens and then it is dropped and forgotten.

We all have our own personal bully and pet abuse stories, some ended well and some did not. I guess the perfect scenario would be the kid who once was picked on turned that event into a long-long strategy to achieve whatever they desire without hurting anyone else in the process. Or the animal that lived for 6 years (true story) in horrible abuse and starvation until a rescue group aided by the police saved the animal’s life. It does happen, but not much or as often as it needs to, there is too much pain in our world. The life-long scars of bullying are generational and it seems it’s taken a while for the public to realize it’s at epidemic proportion.

Here are some simple tips that you can use to combat bullying and pet abuse wherever you may find it.
Tip #1 DOCUMENT EVERYTHING and Tell Everyone
One of the biggest reasons the bullying and animal abuse continues is nobody talks about it and when or if they do, no one does anything. Keep an eye on your child’s behavior and those around your child. Make sure your phone has a good camera and video capabilities the one good thing about being globally connected is we now can “get the word out”, FAST.

This “bully gene”, unfortunately, is in everyone and it shows up early during child development. If it caught soon enough there is a faint glimmer at the end of tunnel then is a matter on consistent teaching by parents, family and peers; that animals and humans all have a place here on this planet, regardless the difference or variety.

Tip #2 Know the Laws of the Land
Research the federal, state and local laws concerning the issue(s) that are currently troubling you or a family member. There are also lots of legal aid resources and organizations out there to help get you the specific information you need. There seems to be more laws on the books for animals these days than humans, but the rescue groups have been in business longer.
Remember that some of the new laws for stalking, puppy mills, animal abuse and Internet bullying are new so if there isn’t a law, let’s make one. Somebody got the current ones on the books so it is completely possible to get yours passed too. Contact me I’ll be you’re first signature on your petition.

Tip #3 Seek Professional Mediation or Legal Council
NEVER CONFRONT A BULLY OR ABUSER ALONE! There is safety in numbers and one of the best numbers you can have is that of a lawyer or mediator when traditional “talking” stops or doesn’t work. I‘m a huge fan of mediation and all that it can do for those in need. It’s cheaper than lawyers and generally can solve lots of problems without having to get the Criminal Justice wheels turning. Once those wheels start, they grind until they are done.

Tip #4 Stay the Course
Once you’ve decided to pursue a wrong, the lack of a law or enforcement of that law, a bully or pet abuser; FINISH THE JOB. There is nothing that will embolden and encourage a bully or abuser like someone who runs out of gas. If you see a wrong, right it because more than likely there is no one else on earth more qualified than YOU. Your passion, commitment and resolve is probably what is needed most and deserves all of your attention.

The reason I keep referring to bullies and animal abusers in the same breath is they are the same person. If they can’t get you they will try to get to your dog. If they can’t get your dog they may come after you especially if you’ve alerted the authorities.

I realize that I’ve given you a big task to right wrongs and change the world, but if we don’t take on the task who will?

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