Jay Kubassek is a millionaire digital entrepreneur. In his keynote presentation, ‘The State of the Digital Union’, he addresses the history of marketing from the 1800's to the present day and details how it has evolved over the years into the current digital economy.

He stresses that there has been a move toward the digital economy which has been growing by enormous rates over the past 5 years and promises to change the world as we know it. Jay enlightens people about "preparing for the alien invasion," as a metaphor for preparing for the changing digital economy and work dynamics now.

He discusses the fact that they should prepare for being autonomous and self-sufficient before the need to do so actually arrives. It’s so important to empower people to do something proactive to survive and thrive in the digital economy. It’s the single most important thing you can do to ensure survival and success in a new era that is yet undefined, and a future that is yet unknown.

The evolution of the market place has taken place and the new digital economy has arrived. The internet and online marketing have opened doors that could never have been opened previously.

With Google, and its expansive capabilities, there is no limit to the potential customers a business can reach and what we can accomplish as a result. The growth rate of the digital economy is exploding at record rates and is expected to continue this trend into the forseeable future.

There are also a number of other factors which are occurring at the same time as the digital explosion, which has contributed to the overall change toward a new revolutionary model of the workforce and new ways to achieve success.

Who It Affects

The digital economy is affecting virtually every area of the market and aspect of the economy, including education and employment. The unemployment rate of new college graduates is at 50%.

Job prospects for new graduates are coming from the online companies and digital technology industries which need specific, highly skilled applicants with technical knowledge, and not the traditional book knowledge of previous generations. So we have to change the way we think and the way we plan our future.

The Baby Boomer Factor

Baby boomers are retiring at high rates today, but the new digital economy dynamics allow them to continue being successful and productive into their senior years. In the past, retirees would just go home, plant a vegetable garden, and gently rock the rest of their years away.

But now, there is new hope for retirees to continue their wealth building into their golden years and live their last years in style and comfort as they achieve finical freedom. The evolution of online marketing has allowed more people to become self-sufficient and productive by tapping into markets that are in need of their specific and newly acquired skills.

The Digitization Of The World’s Workforce

With the advent of online marketing and the ease of communicating with vast areas the world, companies are rushing to fill positions that fit their specific needs. If you can provide a specific service and solution to these needs, you can write your own ticket in today's rapidly changing world.

Entrepreneurship is up 250% Since 2008

The digital economy has created an explosion of entrepreneurship which has been going on since 2008 and continues to increase. This has happened due to the corporate layoffs, which have forced people to look at new ways to make money and provide for themselves and their family. This has created a whole new class of entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to fill a service or need in the digital world.

What To Do Next

Remember, the digital economy is here. All that matters is that you are ready with the necessary skills, tools and resources to take advantage. Acquire new skills and find solutions to problems that exist in the ever-changing market place and you will thrive and succeed in the new digital economy.

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