There are arguments about the forms of promotions a product should follow. The presentation of the forms is also important and in this cacophony of importance the prime issues are sometimes forgotten. There may be debates about the content of a promotion but presenting medium of that promotion is also important. There are visual medium, audio or print which is a part of the visual but is considered a separate one. Similarly moving pictures and still photographs cannot be put in the same category though are part of the same medium. The factors are serious issues both to customer and target consumer so that a later day cat fight does not start among the concerned parties. The objective of a promotion is to generate maximum revenue from minimum investment and to get that the analysis is done so that it is finalised whether a place can be promoted through Digital Signage or Banners and Signs.


Putting a promotion appropriately in a medium is tricky. Some formula that work in a medium do not guarantee the repeat success in all other mediums or forms of the mediums. So a person should have a thorough knowledge in the particular domain to be productive and be a success. The yields are different in different forms. The discussion on mediums continues and all are participating. Some of the places are not suitable for Digital signage but are appropriate for Banners and signs . The issue is to identify some theory that works.

For choosing a way of display it is imperative to go through a planned and methodical survey or scrutiny of the locality under focus. The factors that are needed to keep focus on are the annual income of the locality, population purchase capacity, educational progress the locality has made in a given period of time, whether there is any record of social unrest or the number of high income people. Caution is needed for the secrecy of information as all of these can be sensitive information and ore important than putting Exhibition stands .

Depending on the above data decisions are taken. A company is not willing to spend high amount in promotion when the purchasing capacity or the returns from that area is not promising. Every promotion is about business and if that is not generated high end promotions are not worth. The options are then to Banners and Signs or exhibition Stands.

By character Digital Signage is different from the other two as both of them are physical promotions but this one is purely digital and though it has own logistical problems but the ways of use are more convenient and the displays even can be controlled from a remote place to alter as per the need of the hour. The other advantages of this display is that it can have moving narrative in the body to get a clearer message or promotion for the viewer, in clearer words even short ad movies can be put in the display and the sequence can also be controlled so that most impact can be made from the ads.

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