The cover label is one of the integral parts of the product packaging. Labeling cover important information that helps the customer to communicate with the company. There are various other advantages of labeling like it is easier to identify the product, helps in the promotion of the product, and also provides with the necessary information required. Product packaging labels provide the following information about the product are as follows:

• How to use the product information
• Shelf life of the product
• Washing instruction of the product
• Proper disposal of the product
• Hazards related to the product
• Ironing instruction
• Keeping instructions of the product and many more

It is also important and wise to have information about the different products before using them.

Many different labels are designed for different purposes. Some are designed to specially handle certain environments while others are meant to sell and market different products. Various label designs utilize all sorts of different colors and sharp graphics to give or convey a certain character to a product. This is also one of the ways companies promote their brands.

A company must put a large amount of thought into the packaging for a product to make sure it will sell the way they need it to. A major part of the product packaging is the label. The label identifies and ultimately sells the product to the consumer.

Pressure-sensitive labels: These types of labels are found on bottles, jars, jam bottles, cosmetic beauty products. They are durable enough to survive the outdoors and chemicals and to last the lifetime of the product.
Brand Labels: These labels only describe the name of the product brand. This label does not give instructions about the type of Textile, Garment, Fabric, Wash Care Label, and Size Label.

Thermal Labels: These labels are made by using the heating element of the words or graphics that get applied directly to the label material. These labels are made for hot conditions and are very long-lasting.

Silkscreen Labels: These labels use to maintain the integrity of the product with a beautiful label that withstands all types of environments and conditions. Mainly used on pharmaceuticals, beauty, and health products bottles.

Reseal Labels: These labels allow the customers to reopen the products again and again. These labels are designed in a way that, customers can reseal the product once it has been opened. These labels are widely used in snacks, meat products, beauty products, wipes, and other cleaning products.

Dry Peel Labels: Adhesive glue is attached to the back of these labels so that they may be peeled away and removed from the product container or package at any time. The most use of dry peel labels is redeemable coupons, contest coupons, and many more.

Prime Labels: Prime labels are the first impression of the products. Prime labels are the principal identifier of the product by conveying information about the brand and this specific product. These labels are made with eye-catching colors, fonts, and other visual elements.

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