Nowadays everyone has an easy access to the world of internet including children. So, whether it is a computer, tablet, an iPhone or an Android, the parents can install a good monitoring app to be aware of what their kids are doing.

Monitoring is not a bad thing and being a parent it is your right to do so. However, the problem arises when many parents cross the thin red line between monitoring and spying. Although both the activities have similar definitions, still they are quite different from each other.
Most people including your kids are used to being monitored at some level because it is quite natural for people to observe others around them. On the contrary, spying is a lot like sneaking around someone.

A lot of parents believe that the only way to keep an eye on their children is through spying so that they can receive unfiltered information about their activities. However, the reality is that instead of being aware of their activities on positive turf, they force their kids to venture in areas that are not suitable for them. It’s a mistake to underestimate your children’s intelligence. It also creates trust issues between the children and the parents.

Many parents would argue that it’s useless to have any child monitoring app or software if the children are aware of the monitoring as they will tend to use alternate resources elsewhere where they can’t be monitored. This is a risk but most of the time it actually conveys to the children that their parents trust them and by crossing the boundaries set by them, they would only be breaking their parents’ trust.

Keeping your children in the loop is important as it will not only give them the chance to get it right the first time, it will also boost their confidence. They will feel more responsible and feel confident to share anything suspicious or bad that comes their way.

Here is the major difference between monitoring and spying that would help you build up a monitoring system on mutual trust by installing highly reputable software on their computer and a monitoring app on their mobile phones and tablets.

SPYING: The literal definition of spying is an intrusive act where someone tries to seek information without permission or knowledge that the other person does not want to reveal.
This is definitely a very sneaky activity and if the children ever come to know about it, their trust in you as parents, would be shattered. So, it’s not cool to spy at all.

MONITORING: The literal definition of monitoring is surveillance and supervision to observe and check the activity and progress of someone. The person who is being monitored is aware of this activity and you do it with his or her consent. Remember the cliché, “with great power comes great responsibility.” You’re responsible for your child’s trust and confidence and should not cross that threshold at any cost.

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Misty Jhones