Do you obsess about dieting yet never get to your ‘ideal’ weight?
Even worse are you sick and tired of dieting and exercising and still don’t feel good about yourself?
Do you hate those mornings when nothing in your wardrobe seems to fit – when you end up with a bed covered in clothes and you could just cry with frustration?
Have you spent money on gym memberships and yet you never go? And you’ve got exercise equipment at home which is gathering dust because you never use it.
Do you feel uncomfortable in those clothes that do fit?
Are you frustrated, fed up, sick and tired of the trying to lose weight?
Still don’t feel right? Still don’t look good?
Wouldn’t it be great to just give it up – all of it – once and for all?
To get out of the anger, the beating yourself up when you eat something ‘you shouldn’t’?
Years and years of it,
Why do we do it?
Well there’s all sorts of reasons – we want to look better, feel better, we’re fed so much stuff in the media how its’ only the slim and beautiful that are ‘worth’ anything.
We’re judged first and foremost on how we look
And if we pay it even a little bit of attention – we’re lost
Especially if we have even the slightest doubt about our own worthiness, our own deserving.
If inside we feel we don’t belong, or we aren’t as good as, or we don’t have as much, or or or or ….
The reasons are numerous but they all come down to the same thing – WE DON’T BELIEVE WE DESERVE – WE DON ‘T LOVE OURSELVES.
I’m not talking here about boob jobs, and tummy tucks, and face lifts and the like; I’m talking about inside – being secure in WHO WE ARE
We’ve been brought up to believe that superstars, celebrities, rich and famous (and not so famous) are the way it should be –
Yet look at them – ever working on their bodies, their careers, their lives – skinny and happy when its working, miserable, in rehab when it’s not.
Their pressures are bigger their problems are bigger they have bigger temptations they have bigger let downs and if they’re not secure in who they are – WHAMO – IT ALL FALLS APART
Why do you think we love reading about their downfalls, their divorces, their splits, their drugs – it sells papers. If they were all happy happy why would you want to read about them, hear about them?
In the 1950s there was a ‘new’ school of theatre called ‘kitchen sink drama’ and it brought realism into art. Plays like Look Back in Anger, Saturday Night and Sunday morning – all brought Northern grit into public focus. Because up till then, it all had been Fred Astaire and Noel coward and lives portrayed that the majority of people didn’t live.
Why am I telling you all this?
Because today its 1000000 times worse/better! We have so much with our technology, Iphones, Ipads, digital this, that and the other – bigger, faster, smoother, new AND improved.
So we have so much ‘want’ ‘desire’ ‘need’ and greed.
We’re not satisfied with what we have –
We have to change our homes, our work, our lives, our bodies incessantly just to keep up
The pressures are enormous and if we’re not happy with what’s going on in our lives it becomes ever more difficult.
So we fixate on something – losing weight, looking good and put more and more pressure on ourselves and the more we try the worse it gets. (there’s the Law of Attraction for you!!)
So what do we do about it?
Let go – ‘tee hee’, ‘ha ha’, - ‘oh yea right’ – I can hear you from here
Seriously that’s what we have to do
Stop – putting ourselves in the line of fire
Stop – believing that this is the way it has to be
Start – believing in ourselves
Start – believing that we’re worthy
Start – believing that we deserve only good
Start – realising that this truly is the only life we get and we had better make a good job of this one – because we ain’t coming back to rectify the mistakes
And you know what they say – it all starts with just one little step –
One little step – in the right direction – forward to a better future
One little step – in changing our thinking from the negative to the positive
One little step – that’s all
And often it’s too difficult to do on our own
And friends and family are great but we can’t talk to them
It’s too embarrassing, they wouldn’t understand, they’d say ‘you’re fine as you are’!
But they can’t feel the pain can they?
When you dread getting up in the morning because you know it will all start again
Or maybe it’s not that bad
Maybe you’re just tired of the frustrations of doing your best and your best just not being good enough
Of trying yet another diet, denying yourself, punishing yourself at the gym, not going for a drink after work because you feel like a frump because those clothes were the only ones you could get into this morning and you only had 5 minutes to leave the house……
Look I know where you’re coming from
I’ve been there and done that
And now I help people lose weight dieting
Permanently, forever,
I show them how to gain back their lives
Have more energy
Give them confidence
A belief in who they are and who they can be
I can do that for you too
Let me help
My name is Adrienne Marks
My email is

Author's Bio: 

After many years of eating disorders, dieting, obsessing about food I decided I couldn’t go on like that and started learning about the emotional side of eating disorders and dieting
I now help people deal with the root cause rather than the symptoms; for permanent weight loss
Using the very powerful and effective processes of EFT, NLP, and Hypnosis, I help people get rid of the excess weight by changing their thoughts and beliefs about what has been sabotaging them
When we change our thoughts everything in our lives work - weight comes off as if by magic
I believe very much that unless you re-programme your negative beliefs and thoughts you'll never 'move on' and that could be with relationships, weight loss, health, career, money.
Using the very powerful and effective processes of EFT, NLP, and Hypnosis, I motivate and steer people toward living the lives they want rather than what they 'should' or been told to. This gives them the opportunity to truly live the life they deserve.
I believe that what we put out there we get back and the only way to improve our lives is by ‘reprogramming’ our mindset.
The 3 greatest internal blocks people have are fear, self doubt and procrastination. When we release those we can be, do, have whatever it is we truly desire.
Like a computer when the 'hardware' isn't congruent with the 'software' no advancement can be made when we are out of sync; and it's the same with our brains. If we say one thing – and believe in our subconscious something totally different we’ll never make the changes we think we want
Our thoughts and beliefs are what makes us tick so whatever the issue whether it’s relationships, work/career, money, self esteem, confidence
I help people look at what is holding them back and help them release those ties enabling them to go forward with whatever it is they desire.
We have to step out of our comfort zone, be totally committed to the process, let go of the 'stuff' and take massive action
Once you take the Action, are consistent and make the commitment – YOU make it happen
3 steps - Persistence plus Confidence YOU equal Success
email me now at to find out how I can help you move forward