In this era of globalization, there is an increasing need to learn foreign languages for communication and finding jobs that utilizes linguistic skills. It is needless to say linguistic skills are vital for communication in diverse industries such as international trade, media, IT, marketing etc. In this process of integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, communication is considered a vital resource for interacting with clients and coordinating various activities within an organization.

The popularity of other foreign languages other than widely used English is a testimony and reflection of the fact that globalization has spread rapidly. In recent times, the learning of Swedish language has become popular. A Swedish language course in Kolkata is ideal for career aspirants and job seekers to thrive in jobs and businesses that are flourishing globally. We are talking about the MNCs or multinational companies that are conducting business in India as well as spreading their wings in the overseas markets of Europe and USA. Learning Swedish will help learners build an excellent career in diverse sectors. Besides the corporate sector, the Swedish language skills can be utilized in IT & outsourcing, Aviation, Media, Education, Tourism and others. It is because of the globalized nature of the businesses.

Swedish language in aviation

Proficiency in Swedish is an added advantage or bonus for candidates applying for jobs in aviation
n sector. Fluency in Swedish can get those jobs in cabin crew, flight attendants, ground staff and others.
There is no secret that bilinguals get priority in aviation industry over those who only know English. An ability to speak in Swedish is a boon for those who are fascinated by the glamour quotient of aviation sector.

Swedish language in ITES & outsourcing firms
In international BPOs, employees working as customer care agents or voice process associates are often required to have fluency in 3-4 foreign languages apart from English. For taking calls of clients hailing from Sweden, candidates need to have excellent conversation skills for resolving the queries and grievances of the clients. Sound communication is also essential for selling company’s products and services. A Swedish language course in Kolkata will help aspirants and learners to speak Swedish fluently with grammatical accuracy

Swedish language in tourism and hospitality sector

Communication is the key in tourism and hospitality industries and what’s better than to utilize Swedish linguistic skills there. With good speaking skills, candidates can work as tourist guides and plan holiday trips and itineraries of Swedish tourists visiting India. They are assigned with the task of accompanying them during sightseeing trips by foot or vehicles. However, besides communication skills, aspirants looking to become tourist guides should also be adventurous and willing to spend most of the time at outdoors.

Swedish language in education

These days working as foreign language trainers are a lucrative and viable option since their demand has increased at Indian schools and colleges. Foreign language learning has been mandatory in the curriculum and those with knowledge in Swedish language can apply for these jobs as trainers.

There are also many foreign language training academies in Kolkata that look for specialists and experts in Swedish language to impart lessons to the students via online or offline. Online lecturers plan their training schedule, impart lessons online and clear their doubts through video conferencing platforms like Skype and Google meet.

Swedish language in journalism/translating/ writing/ editing

Those who want to put their Swedish language writing skills into test then jobs in media and journalism are excellent. There are also plenty of vacancies for content writer, proof readers, and translators up for grabs for those who are fond of writing.

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