NoxInfluencer is an essential tool that allows you to track the statistics of the YouTube channel and measure the growth of the YouTube channel. Noxinfluencer is also a leading Influencer marketing platform that connects brands and influencers.

Five reasons why NoxInfluencer is the newest influencer marketing platform

The year is 2018, and "old" marketing tactics and strategies that can only take you far. These days is the best option to connect your brand with an active and enthusiastic audience is through influencers marketing. Unlike traditional slow, clumsy and expensive forms of marketing, influencers do things now. They offer 100% Funds Security: Fees kept by our platform before that grasped: the ability to interact directly with the audience you want for your brand. 70% of millenary consumers depend on influencers to make their purchase decisions.

Whether if you are an influencer or a brand, you are part of the upcoming monumental movement in global marketing, and there is no better time to take advantage of it than today. Finding the right brands to work for or finding influential people in good standing to represent your name can be difficult; With so many to choose from, how do you know which one to choose?

The answer? NoxInfluencer As a worldwide leading influencers marketing platform, NoxInfluencer offers one of the fastest and smoothest ways for influencers and brands to find the partner they want to work with. NoxInfluencer understands that influencers marketing is not just a business; It is a lifestyle. Here are five reasons why NoxInfluencer is the marketing platform you need to work with today:

1. Experience and professionalism
Influencer marketing is still in its inception, and it still has a couple of peculiarities that it needs to clarify. One of the major problems that both brands and influencers have to deal with is finding excellent and reliable partners to work with.
As a brand or you are well known to everyone, you don't want to accidentally register with an influencer that creates offensive or embarrassing content, or someone who doesn't have a significant enough follow-up. As an influencer, you don't want to register with a brand that has no scruples when it comes to your payment.
NoxInfluencer recognizes these difficulties because they know what the industry is like. Since 2015, NoxInfluencer has been combining influencers and brands, making sure to create successful partnerships.

Unlike other influencer marketing platforms, NoxInfluencer does not allow anyone to register. To be part of the NoxInfluencer community, you must have a proven track record of success as a brand or as an influencer. Therefore, you can feel safe knowing that any potential brand or influence with which you connect on the NoxInfluencer platform is one that has been reviewed and examined to ensure its reliability.

2. Simple, easy and fast
Fast: how long do you think it takes to create a commercial? Even if it's just a 30-second of ad, there are already at least a dozen things to think about before filming begins, including:
• Find your audience
• Direct your message
• Decide on a budget
• Decide your business duration
• Write, edit and rewrite a script
• Storyboard every second of the commercial
• Create a list of shots
• Hire a production team
• Designate a schedule
• Reserve locations and study hours
Accompany actors, stage team, production team, directors, and more.

All these steps must be addressed long before filming your first scene. There is a reason why the average commercial takes at least six months to create, from start to finish: it involves a lot of work.
But the era of influencers marketing allows you to skip all that and still get your target audience. In this sense, NoxInfluencer could be the fastest and easiest influencers marketing platform to register.
The Noxfinder tool makes finding successful associations as easy as completing a search box. Brands that just have to enter a critical keyword related to their product in the Noxfinder tool and they will immediately be paired with the correct influencers; This will be based on their labels, videos and the general presence of social networks, so that brands never have to waste time with influential people who have nothing to do with the image of their brand.

In NoxInfluencer, everything is clean and straightforward. You can create your campaign and start navigating through influential people in the chosen markets immediately or start sending creative proposals to brands you would love to work with. No problems, no stress.

3. A package for all brands
We understand: influence marketing may seem like a risky decision for newcomers, small businesses, and large corporations alike. Small businesses have limited budgets, so be sure to get the value of your money. Large corporations, on the other side, value professionalism and efficiency, and only want to follow an audience that resonates with their brand.
NoxInfluencer tops our list of most flexible packages offered to brands, something that is not possible to see with influencers marketing platforms. Instead of adopting the "one size fits all" approach, NoxInfluencer takes into account different types of companies with varying sets of needs.

You can see their different packages below:
Even the most affordable package still offers the best Premium services, with all the features that a small business could ask for. If it is a larger brand, the professional services package is worth more than the added value; Real-time data monitoring is exactly what larger brands need without which smaller companies can do without. So on with the Enterprise Service package, NoxInfluencer shows that you are more than willing to work with exclusive brands that have special needs.
A great feature that these packages include the primary tracking function. With tracking, the NoxInfluencer helps brands understand all the technical metrics that surround their promotional or sponsored video. More details such as views, downloads, and clicks will be available for the brand so they can see exactly how successfully the video was made and what areas can be adjusted to make it even better.

It is a platform that values service, and in an industry that can often be too impersonal, this is a feature worth appreciating.

4. Protecting the influencers in each corner
As an influencer, small or large, it can be quite daunting to move to market. Most, if not all, influencers began as artists and personalities on YouTube or Instagram, doing something they loved just for fun. Suddenly, if you are dealing with companies, advertising and marketing budgets can be something that most influencers have no experience with. As a result, influencers are generally victims of brands and platforms that cheat or leverage them.
In NoxInfluencer, influencers that are always protected. Perhaps the most surprising feature is that influencers have full control of their contracts and associations. As an influencer, if you will have access to flexible payment methods, creative proposals, zero average rates, and absolute freedom to choose the brands and agencies for which you work. Is there anything else an influencer could wish for?

5. Backed by a best global leader in smart distribution
When you are looking for an influencers marketing platform to work, the most critical aspect of the partnership is trust. Some platforms like to cheat more than they want to serve and have left a bad taste in many brands and professional and legitimate influencers. The platforms that arise from nowhere, without history and experience, are the ones that are most likely to take advantage of this new marketing industry.

In NoxInfluencer, this is one less thing to worry about. NoxInfluencer is just one branch of the much larger NOX group, the world's leading intelligent entertainment distribution network.

So, visit NOXINFLUENCER for the best influencing experience.

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NoxInfluencer is a statistics website tool that allows you to track Youtube channel statistics and measure channel growth on Youtube. Noxinfluencer's also a leading Influencer Marketing Platform that connects Brands and Influencers together.