The wheel of time is readying women to lead the world. After being demeaned and relegated to a downtrodden state for centuries together she now has got the opportunity to identify and use her basic human rights. The result was witnessed akin to gas present underground which springs forth when a hole is drilled.

Conjoined to the wheel of time is transformation too. The more one uses pressure to help sink a wooden stick or rubber ball in water the more it comes up with greater force. Since women were harassed, oppressed and demeaned her mental state became very weak and withered. She forgot her sense of dignity, self esteem etc yet this state could not exist permanently. When mines are drilled gold etc is attained. Time has given mankind to dig up various minerals, ores etc from the ground. What appeared useless now became very useful. With iron many machines, weapons are made and from gold ornaments are designed. There was a time when these remained in an unknown suppressed state underground. Although night lasts long yet it does not exist permanently. As soon as sun rises darkness disappears. The state of women too is transforming today and a chief role is being played by tradition of Mother Nature.

Today no longer can women the world over be bought or sold like female slaves. Instead of being relegated to bondage where throughout her life she serves her family like a maid, now she can freely attain progress in life. She can remain independent and all alone she can now travel afar. She can play a major role like heads of governments. In the fields of education and medical therapy she has gained leadership. There is no field of life where her brilliant skills are not sought after. Wherever she got an opportunity there in competition with men she led by miles.

The question arises that seeing all this progress of women should men remain just spell bound? Should they harbor an inferiority complex? Should they obstruct women’s talented leadership or instead should they encourage women to advance further in a very facile and influential manner?

Hence it is apt that past mistakes be nullified. Sins have to be atoned for and unethical behavior needs sanctification. Gentlemanliness lies in reforming unethical acts without losing time and with renewed efforts fulfill all lack. The rising woman’s chief demand is literacy and freedom. There is no recourse but to accept them. Even today a woman living a life of bondage can be caged in the 4 walls of her home like a tamed animal and one can inflict atrocities on her based on ones whims and fancies yet know for sure none will benefit from it. The potential of women daily is diminishing due to oppression and harassment. She experiences ill health bodily and mentally appears very weak. Since she does not earn money she becomes a burden to those who nurture her. If half the world population is relegated to such handicapped conditions the wheel of progress in the world will come to a grinding halt. This state no longer can be tolerated and can be suppressed in the name of tradition. It is best that transformation be welcomed with open arms. By obstructing the path of progress we should not veer to a gigantic downfall.

In women has awakened the aspiration to attain all round progress in life. Silently or vociferously she desires that although she is ready to help men, her father, in laws etc yet she does not accept that in order to do so she be bound like a slave. It is her desire to be given respect, self dependence and education wherein one cannot find any inaptness. One cannot censure women that women are crossing all limits. And that she is rendering weak her duty to serve her husband. She wants her basic human rights. She will agree to nothing less than this and does not want anything more too. The difference is this that she will no longer be relegated to a shoe worn by men. Although she happily accepts to title of being the goddess of wealth of her family yet it should not be inflicted on her without her consent. Neither can women any longer tolerate men forcing her to lead a life of cruel bondage and nor does divine fate agree to it.

In the near future not only women’s radiant talent will shine but that she will be reinstated as a world leader. The reason being that the stature of transformation about to be ushered in by Lord Mahakal, will predominate with sacred sentiments. All dire world problems faced to date has been due to that hard heartedness of males everywhere which with criminal leanings induced taints in every walk of life. The 2 main causes viz. distorted thinking and vile behavior has created agitations, strife atrocities and dangers in various fields. If one nurtures ones ego on the basis of one’s gentlemanly nature and spiritual leanings it is alright but who will imbibe that long and austerity oriented path that blooms with greatness and ideals? Who will control the psyche? Who will agree to become a true citizen? Since all this does not happen, the other option of unethical behavior stares at us. Only those solutions like cunningness, kidnapping, arrogant attacks are taken recourse to on the basis of which akin to steadying a grain of mustard on the palm one attains miraculous results of 1st attack giving 1st benefit. These days such trends are being noted. Destiny will no longer allow such trends to reign in this world and that total transformations will be ushered in today’s tainted world circumstances.

The chief basis of ushering in the future Satyuga or Golden Era atmosphere will be women’s leadership oozing with love, cooperation, compassion and generosity. Her basic inner nature has no place for wars, attacks and kidnapping. She aspires for world peace. It is only in an environment of zest and joy that she breathes fearlessly. For others too she yearns to author such situations. If women, who have given us glimpses of untold soul oneness while looking after her husband, children and entire family for her entire life, are handed over world leadership she will definitely create such an atmosphere of conduciveness everywhere.

It is virtually impossible to reform men at the sensitive emotional level. Since he has not much load as far as producing and nurturing children is concerned he possesses bodily might. Since he hardly has responsibilities of day to day household affairs he can go outside his home to conduct business etc and earn enough wealth. Since he is not satisfied by minor battles he is capable of ushering in large scale wars. Since he gets lots of opportunities to get educated he no doubt can become a scholar but along with this it is definite that those opportunities he gets to behave as per his whims and fancies have become a part and parcel of his very character and personality. More and more of his activities are rooted in unethical thinking. In a certain sense these taints are a very much part of males’ inner nature. As a result the world atmosphere reeks of problems, hardships and strife.

Mother Nature wishes that world balance is maintained. It has seen the ‘enterprise’ of males. She has gauged their working capacities. Out of sheer despair Mother Nature is about to change all this. This will be seen in future as an era predominating with women’s leadership. She will no doubt lead the world. Men should not look upon this as their defeat but instead must play a much better role in the coming days while cooperating with women leaders the world over. Everybody will experience the joy of ‘Live and let live’.

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