Every object has its own visible and invisible form. Gold is a very valueable ore. When mud unites with earth it comes out as ore. But on purifying this ore it is sold at high prices in the market. And with this gold beautiful ornaments are made. But when via chemical treatment it is converted into gold ash, it manifests amazing qualities. It helps in making a weak body very strong. Thus man can live a longer life. These special characteristics are there in other ores too. Ordinarily people use it to make certain articles. But when they are chemically treated, the ashes of these ores manifest great qualities. The subtle part of a sand particle helps in creating atomic energy. From this one gets electricity, various rays, radiations and weapons. This is the subtilization of that which is gross.

This is a well known fact that the subtle form of any object has infinitely more power than its gross aspect. In comparison to a pile of mud atomic energy can execute gigantic tasks. In comparison to the body our minds are more energetic. Steam is more powerful than water. The soul is invisible yet when it advances further it manifests as saints, Rishis, divine men and incarnations.

In the same way, subtlization of human existence too can take place via Yoga and spiritual austerities. A man of penance awakens his bodily divine potential. Steam can help run a train. When bamboo trees rub against one another, a forest fire is seen to manifest. This very influence manifests via spiritual practices of austerities. When on a glass lens scattered solar rays are focused at one single point, sparks of fire are seen. The same holds true for the results of spiritual practices and austerities.

Via Yoga man’s demeaned state merges into the greatness of divine worlds and this unification leads to merging of the high with the low. When wires contact electricity they become powerful and thus carry our desired tasks. A tap can give water only as long as the tank to which it is connected remains filled with water. It is very clear that the tank of divine energy is never empty and the tap united to it gives water as long as no obstruction comes in its way. When human consciousness imbibes the divine energy of God, very soon he becomes God from man, Purushottam from Purusha and great from being lowly. The widespread nature of the body along with augmenting itself increases its potential too. In comparison to a lion not only is the body of an elephant gigantic but its might too is much more powerful. In comparison to a child not only is the body of an adult more strong but his capacity to work too is much greater. The austerities of a spiritual aspirant makes him a Sidha (realized saint).

Austerities do not generally succeed when not conjoined to self control, a radiating character and a sense of service to other beings. How can a seed become a tree if it is not looked after properly and supplied with fertile soil, water etc. This precept very much applies to Kundalini awakening methods too.

Kundalini awakening means intensifying and activating divine powers hidden in our consciousness. It can be accomplished in various ways for various purposes in all the 3 bodies.

There are 14 ways of activating the above. These 14 glories can be compared to the 14 jewels that emerged while the ocean was churned. Its classification can be carried out thus. The 6 Chakras along the Merudand i.e. starting from the Mooladhar upto the Sahasrar Kamal can be called a powerful medium that aids in overcoming obstacles in the production of glories of the material arena. Its attainment makes man powerful, wealthy and full of enterprise. On this basis a spiritual aspirant becomes infinitely more powerful than a layman. Our sense organs are no longer externalized and instead by becoming introverted, work in a very wide arena. Those scenes that cannot be seen by our gross eyes are clearly visible to our divine sight. The same holds true for other sense organs. Attainments related to the gross world like television, hearing far off sounds, telepathy, object control, vital force flow, Shaktipaat, knowing the future etc. can be imbibed on activating the Kundalini of the gross body. Through this medium one can also manifest Ojas, Tejas and Varchas.

On the basis of the 5 sheaths one can awaken the Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) of the subtle body. The 5 sheaths called food sheath, vital sheath, mental sheath, knowledge sheath, bliss sheath are covering layers over our consciousness. In it are found the 5 elements and the 5 Pranas. They are also called 5 worlds or 5 extensions. When these potentials evolve the spiritual aspirant starts contacting the invisible world. Ordinarily people understand only the gross visible world of names and forms i.e. objects. But when the Kundalini of the subtle body of a spiritual aspirant is awakened, man contacts the invisible world. He gets attached to Pitrus, demi-gods etc. and there is a give and take relationship between them. He now understands the hidden mysteries of Mother Nature. He can foresee future events. Based on this wisdom by making apt arrangements one can benefit from conducive circumstances and obstructions can be warded off. In the psyche of laymen one can induce pious thinking and thus human civilization can be aptly moulded.

There are 3 applications of the casual body and it is called Granthi Bheda. In the middle of the head is the Brahmagranthi and is also called Kailash Mountain or Ksheersagar. It is called the Polar Centre that is always involved in give and take with cosmic energies. The second is the Vishnu Chakra in the heart region. It can be called the cave of consciousness. This is the center of sensitive emotions. Over here one gets satisfaction, contentment and peace. Apart from making our psyche high statured one should mould the understanding of others in a positive way with the help of the power of Vishnugranthi. The third is Rudragranthi. It is found in the Naabhi (navel) Chakra. In this region one finds bodily health, radiance, brilliance, power, daring, creativity and augmentation. In this area one finds the Mooladhar Chakra. The long time resting place of Kundalini Shakti is in this region. With the attack of vital force it can be awakened, raised high and taken to the portals of Brahmalok.

The 6 Chakras of the gross body, 5 sheaths of the subtle body and 3 Granthis (knots) of the casual body add up to 14 in number. Amongst them 7 are of the higher worlds (Lokas) and 7 of the nether worlds. Experiments are conducted so as to raise the 7 and the remaining 7 are experimented upon so as to stop them from a downfall. Human existence can be looked upon as an ocean and via the 3-fold Kundalini worship it can be churned. In real terms the body is a demon and the mind is a demi-god. When both perform austerities of Yoga, they obtain the 14 jewels mentioned above. In the mythological churning of the ocean its description has been given in a symbolic manner. The human body made up of the 5 elements and 5 vital forces is believed to be as deep and wide as the ocean. There is no need to stray away in the external world so as to attain desired objects. Whatever you desire is present within you. Why search outside? Like the musk of a deer it should be looked for within the body.

In short this is the outline of Kundalini worship where an introduction, description and worship methods have been given in the earlier pages of this edition. But deliberately details have not been given regarding the 14 spiritual practices. Because this is like the experiments on atomic explosions. Before entering its methods we should know in what state, for which individual, for what aim do you want to awaken the Kundalini. To commence Kundalini activation without knowing all these details is like a child tampering with a bomb. Misuse of Kundalini power can lead to the terrible downfall of that person. For new entrants and less alert people there are paths of wisdom, devotion, action and divine intellect activation. If they do this much, it is more than enough.

None should be too restless to learn Kundalini awakening and none should harbour the desire of attaining self fulfillment by hook or by crook. At least for one century I will take up the responsibility of teaching people this great application according to their individual capacity. I will continue educating them in this direction. Even if my gross physical body no longer remains in this world yet with my subtle existence I shall continue serving people in this direction.

No appropriate spiritual aspirant will ever experience, that because there was no one to teach him/her this method of Kundalini awakening, they could not reach their desired goal. Just as the all pervasive divine power induced me to carry out Mahapurashcharan in 24 years and not only showed me the method of activating the Kundalini Shakti of my country (India) via intense austerities of 3 years, along with it gave me whatever was needed to achieve the goal. In the same way I too will make efforts for those amongst Prajna Parivar who wish to take recourse to Kundalini Science for gathering special powers for a special goal and give them all that is required to achieve their sacred goal.

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