Hopefully, it'll help some of you who are either in that situation or maybe on the other end. You know, hoping that somebody will accept it if it falls again, I'll hold the phone trying to be lazy a little clip but um so when he told me that he had herpes-like I said when I told you guys my story. I had 48 hours to learn everything I could about it. I knew nothing about it. He knew nothing about it.

So most of my decision to stay was based on our already in a herpes dating relationship. I had already gotten to know and love him and now was all googly-eyed, you know 18 year old in college like that, so we already had pretty much an established relationship. I didn't see it as a reason to throw an entire relationship away, but I learned more about it.

The more I realized that you know, I mean it's a big deal. Still, it isn't so in that decision, and just a did come to a lot of things I want to talk to you guys about like I guess the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it because I get that and then also things that go into making its decisions to say. Hence, I always say that the first thing you have to consider if you are someone who comes across someone who has herpes and are making a decision to say is are you educated on people with herpes.

What do you know about herpes? Would you mind not deciding solely on what you have seen on TV or the stigma on the usher story? Anything like how much you are truly educated about the subject will play a massive part in deciding whether or not. You're excellent with dealing with that or not, as I told myself I didn't know anything about it.

All I knew was I liked it a whole lot and so what I did learn a little bit more about it was like, okay, cool. I've been in a woman relationship. You take the initiative to learn about it and consider how much you like this person. Are you willing to take that risk, so once you've assessed, you know the situation? It had learned about herpes is that something you are willing to pop is that situation you're willing to be in possibly.

And how much do you like this person? Do you like them enough to contract herpes potentially? Because that's 100% real, there are a million on one ways to protect yourself to prevent it, and we will talk about that, but I do want to be clear that nothing is guaranteed. There is always a possibility, so I do like to be upfront with people having sex comes with your risk of pregnancy and STD whether or not you get them, it's just kind of the luck of the draw, but that chance is always there.

I am so coming into a situation where you know that somebody has our fees or is the person who has herpes and someone else going to the situation. I know there is always a chance like I will never lie to you and tell you that there is something that will 100% remove the chance you can try herpes. Hence, you have to ask yourself how would I feel if I contracted herpes, and why would I feel that way? If you were pissed you would be depressed.

Suppose after this relationship ended, I endured fees, and we're no longer together. In that case, that's another thing to consider as well, you know, because that's also a possibility just because you accept somebody with herpes doesn't mean I have to stay with you. My first just put someone to accept you when you have herpes. You have to stay with him if the relationship is not working. It doesn't work; period, it's not a religion to stay in a relationship.

So is that a risk that you're willing to take and then another question that or a conversation that she really should have with each other is not just you know how you would feel if you would have would you feel. If you were to contract it, also consider if this is public about having herpes. Are they very secretive about having herpes? You don't need to have that discussion. How would you feel if people knew about it? That's a discussion I need to have if you want to be very private about it.

That's the competition needed to have a person make sure that they're also okay with you being very private about it like for me, that's the conversation I have with people. Are you okay with the entire world knowing that I have herpes because? Hey, I got a YouTube channel, a Facebook and Instagram, and everything else, so dating me is probably not a good idea if you're not okay with that. But once you consider those things, it makes it a little easier to please make your decision.

I honestly advise while you're asking yourself those questions outside of the question about how much you like this person and Do you feel that they're worth that risk? Remove them entirely from the situation so you can give yourself a genuine answer because if you ask yourself how you feel about contracting it, and would you be upset and this and that, but you're at the same time in the back of your mind.

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The decision to be in a relationship with someone that has herpes