At the dawn of a Golden Era every great thinker of the world yearns that it passes the test of great ideals. People should imbibe greatness and must mature to such an extent that its glory influences one and all. Further it should be followed by all that the world’s atmosphere becomes heavenly and divine.

Now the question of return of Satyuga remains and when its time arrives we must see how it begins and progresses.

On the basis of Shrutis and Smriti texts of pre historical era Satyuga manifested due to intervention of Rishi tradition and it spread out like a huge oak tree. World humanity took shelter under its cool shade. It is not necessary that seeds of a tree must remain on that tree and not travel to other far off places. In fact they zestfully travel to other regions and follows particular trends.

Not only avarice–delusion conjoin to narrow mindedness but that one tends to live in a very small realm and earn and die only for those who are ones relatives. A selfish person gets satiation akin to a frog living in a small well. He/she does not wish to roam the earth like clouds in the sky. They have no valor or yearning to spread their talent in the entire world like sun rays. This sort of attitude befits only those who are generous at heart. Great Rishis proved their mettle by taking responsibility of world well being. They always chose widespread regions to pour their skills. The lifestyle of Rishis was of this stature. Wherever they saw backwardness there they worked hard enough to overcome it. Wherever hardships were seen due to famine, floods, epidemics, vile people, infernos, earthquakes, tsunamis etc there in order to ward it off generous Rishis without any invitation arrived. Rishis looked upon the entire world as their arena of selfless service. Of course they were born in the divine land of India. Royal swans born in Manasarovar fly in the sky to far off lands.

Rishi lineage can be classified into two. One is Purohit and the second Parivrajak. Purohits are those who stay in one place and run hermitages. They take up the duty of awakening people who live in nearby areas in the realm of spirituality. Students are educated on the basis of the Gurukul System. They build laboratories for spiritual research. Purohits were required to get married so that with the help of their wives they could make arrangements of lodging/boarding in their hermitages. On the other hand Parivrajaks were those who travelled a lot. They would contact people in every nook and corner of the world. They helped people radiate their talent and walk on the path of spirituality. Like clouds they had to pour down whereas Brahmins would live in a particular region and help it get uplifted. There seems a bit of difference in both their lifestyles yet the goal was only one. Both should be looked upon as mutually beneficial to each other.

In the Golden Era people moved about in the entire world without any hindrance. No doubt small republic states existed, they did have borders but this did not cause any obstruction in travelling to any far off region. People could even transport goods to any place in the world. Citizenship of a country did not mean that if one chose to settle in any other land obstructions were created. Since travel and transport were without any hindrance people would set up communities in even barren regions.

Preliminary human manifestation and advancement took place like the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna. It was called Aryavarta and Brahmavarta. Just as colonialists of middle eras wanted to augment their kingdoms in the same way in the initial days wherever a huge group of humans settled there a yearning awakened that they should go to other desolate places and aid their progress. There by helping forest tribal’s become civilized their production capacity was augmented so as to ward off any lack. They were rendered literate and highly cultured. Apart from agriculture, industry, business, animal husbandry etc making arrangements of ethical living and social designing, it was established as a lineage. This was that very task for which people renounced their homes and went to certain definite areas so as to aid its progress. In fact many a time their family members too would come there and help them and later some of them stayed there forever. Thus over there a progressive group of people would dwell. Jungle areas were rendered useful for agriculture. Animal husbandry was encouraged over there and mineral ores were dug which were then used to make various apparatus. Thus scattered forest tribal’s started living in a focused area and would categorize their age and working mode. In order to execute their prime duties they attained such skills that within their fields they were respected as specialists. This was called Varna-Ashrama Dharma. It should not be looked upon as a categorization but as skill of a certain stature. As a result no difference was seen in mutual contact. Man belongs to one race only and hence why should sectarian differences exist? One can have partitions only for the sake of evolving talent in professional differences and art of acting. But such partitions should never be encouraged which brings about social and other differentiation of high-low. In those days based on one’s profession very naturally various classes or Varnas came into being. In those days unlike today none even envisaged sectarian differences based on differences of taking birth in some particular caste etc. No doubt due to differences of air, water etc of various regions some facial and other differences in those people were noted but none thought of disparity as a result. In hot countries people are dark skinned and fair ones are found in cold countries. These are nature based differences. Such differences are found even in birds, animals etc. Since certain creatures dwell in certain lands such bodily differences are noted. On this basis form/texture of flowers and taste of fruits too are seen to be differing. All this then is but nature or Prakriti based differentiation. As a result castes do not emerge. Horses, monkeys etc have their own different species. No doubt due to water, air of particular regions their natures may differ a bit. Those who understand this clearly do not encourage poison like differences of high-low, respect-insult etc. Right from the beginning to the end of Satyuga there was oneness of soul between all humans and it advanced further as cooperation in various daily transactions.

In those days powerful and cultured people had only one aspiration and that was how to render advanced very far off barren and desolate places? How could those who were scattered in various ways be encouraged to harbor oneness of soul and cooperation? For this it was most required that one leave old established regions without harming them in any way and instead go to other new lands so as to render them well evolved. This challenging task/mission was taken up by a vast cultured majority in those times.

Competition was there in the above context. The goal of everyone was singular that not one nook or corner of mother earth remains devoid of the light of progress. Not one region should be devoid of glory and greatness. Man’s efforts remain challenged if earth’s areas remain barren and desolate. For this forest areas were not cut down. Not only were jungles widespread but were full of trees and greenery. In certain pockets of forests dwelled colonies of people which added beauty to earth. Roads were built to travel from one region to another. Water areas were wholesomely utilized for agriculture and animal breeding. Since paths were constructed for travelling/transport, if certain regions lacked things they were fulfilled by transporting from other areas. Thus lack was fulfilled and business/professions flourished. All this took place simply due to the fact that the amount of time taken by a group of individuals to help advance the entire earth it took very much less time to succeed in the Golden Era.

In those days the apt management of every aspect of life took place due to religion/spirituality. Within this was included earning, production, usage, health, education, medicine, tradition, ethics, justice etc. the focal point of all this was accepted to be theism. Within its widespread boundary were encompassed all topics related to human glory. Hence whatever decisions took place in any realm religion was the ultimate authority. Whatever was said that was put forth with faith in religion as its foundation. This was straightforward and influential too. On this basis were people revered and helped and decisions were taken for attain good merits in heaven. Since fear of hell, vicious cycle of birth/death, taking birth as animals etc, diseases, strife etc existed people out of faith stayed away from vile activities and lived a life of all round progress. Thus on the basis of religion/spirituality materialism was aptly managed.

Great thinkers of Rishi Era created religious literature. Since political discipline was of an educated stature invisible demigods disciplined earth denizens. Demigods either gave boons or instilled the fear of bestowing curses. This was that very basis for which there was no major need of police, army, law courts, prisons etc. a truly religious/spiritual never acted vilely as a result of which he/she never harbored fear of being jailed etc. Religious literature was conjoined to the Golden Era which was faithfully imbibed in every aspect of one’s day to day transactions. Thus rolled in, the red carpet of Satyuga or Golden Era.

The sun rises in the east. It has one predefined direction. Dawn manifestation and sunrise take place in one area only. The same holds true for manifestation of a large group of divine people, their advancing and becoming divinely potent. India can be said to be the east of the world. The special quality of its mud is that within it many heavenly gardens grow and bloom forth. The Mount Malayanil has many fragrant sandalwood trees. Sandalwood adds fragrance to even ordinary trees growing in its vicinity. Human gods born in India too have done this and via their mission have added glory to earth.

In Satyuga the world was not overly populated yet its goal was to render the entire world cultured and advanced. They made apt arrangements for well managed multifaceted progress. They looked upon this as Almighty God’s command and were ready to give up their very lives for it. In order to imbibe this it was required that those amongst them who were to don the mantle of leadership had to render their souls that much more cultured and that intense hard work had to be undergone. If the cast is aptly designed only then toys, engineering parts etc can be properly molded. If leadership via its setting an example via action and imbibing a great character helps others to follow in their footsteps then their teaching manifests a positive influence on others and world public too will start walking on the path of true greatness.

This is because on inert earth conscious elements of highly cultured stature were grown, propagated and rendered all pervasive. This responsibility was taken up by human gods and divine personages. They had to play the role of a creator, producer and director. Hence it was required that those who took up this great responsibility first evolve and transform their psyche into great thinking. This was attained via austerities and regular unswerving spiritual practices. They were required to pass all kinds of tests. The gist of spiritual philosophy is self creation and soul transformation. Rishis and great thinkers who understood this fact and its deep import evolved their faculty of discrimination or Viveka. They cogitated and reflected a lot on spiritual philosophy. In order to render the psyche divine they merged sacred ideals into aspirations, sentiments, beliefs, thoughts and various activities. They walked in the direction of self control and spirituality. For this they imbibed devotion, rituals, vows, spiritual disciplines etc. Rishis were those who shone like real diamonds because of their extremely sacred character/personality. They made intense efforts and thus passed the acid test of ushering in the Golden Era on earth.

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