Most people tend to think that drug addiction mostly affect men, but in real sense women are profoundly and deeply affected by drug addiction.

The main causes of these drug addictions are: influence from peer groups, urge for first experience in the drug world, myths that drugs helps to relieve stress, and availability of drugs in the markets.

The most commonly drugs that women use include: alcohol, cigarette, opioids, and marijuana. One thing that women don’t understand is that addiction to these drugs only starts when you take first taste of the drug, which later escalates the urge for more drugs.

The following are the dangers of drug addiction on women.

Wastage of money and family resources

Drug addiction will make any women to believe that her life fully depends on drugs. She will do anything to access the drugs she is addicted to. This will lead to carelessly spending all her money to fulfil her drug desires without caring for her family. If she don’t have any money she can steal or illegally access family resources and sell them to get the money

Exposure to diseases

Addiction of drugs in women can lead to diseases such as: cancer, malnutrition, and high blood pressure. Drugs such as alcohol have ability to cause ulcers if consume for a long time and in excessive amount. Also the women in addiction may lack appetite on her food which will lead to emaciation.

Easily taken advantage of by men

An addicted woman may be sexually harassed and even raped because most of the time she may be unconscious. This may lead to contamination of sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

Neglecting of parental care and family duties

When a woman is addicted to drug she stops caring for her family or children if she had. It makes her seclude herself and avoid her parental role. Most of time she will run away from home and end up on streets if she is not taken care-off.

Brings pregnancy complications

When pregnant women abuses drug it brings complication not only to them but also to the unborn child. These complications include: low birth weight to the baby, premature separation of placenta from the uterine wall, premature birth, and a series of abortions to the woman in addiction. It is proven that smoking cigarette while pregnant can lead to death of the infant.

Causes domestic violence

Dealing with drug addicted women may sometimes be difficult. They may tend to be very violent even to their own family members. This is because their minds are not sober and the drug’s effects are pushing them to cause chaos. This may lead to physical and psychological torture to both the addicted woman and family.

Leads to divorce and separation from the family

Most men will not be patient with an addicted woman to allow her to change. This will lead to divorce and maybe later the woman can lose child custody. This will enhance stress to women and can lead to her committing suicide. If not she may be taken to rehabilitation where she will struggle with her condition and later it would be difficult for her to be accepted back to the family if they moved on.

Leads to lack of respect and losing position in jobs

Drug addiction makes most women to lose their respect because of their uncouth behaviors when on drugs. If the addiction is extreme they start to concentrate less in their jobs and focus on ways to attain the drugs. This definitely leads to their loss of job since it become difficult for them to focus.


Drug addiction on women is a major issue which should be given the required attention it deserves. The dangers of drug addiction on women does not only affect the women alone but entire community. It is therefore the duty of each member of society, to work hard as see that the addicted women are taken to drug rehabilitation centers like Light Drug Rehab, LLC.

This will help them to find their way back to be responsible women which the society will look upon to. With a lot of dangerous effects of drug addiction to women it would be unfair if we let any addict in our families to fight the struggle alone. We should support them and make them feel they are not alone in dealing with their addiction.

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