Technological advancements in due course of time have gained enormous popularity. An employer can find various options in the market when it comes to an automated payroll software. It can’t be denied that more options has the potential to create confusion. As each application has its own features that makes it different from the rest of the available software. The challenge here for the employer is to scale out the best fit application for his/her organization. Each organization has a different set of requirements which entertains different features. So to figure out the best fit payroll software in India for the organization is by listing the requirements and opting for a sustainable application that can be easily integrated with the existing application. 

However there are a few crucial features that can help in scaling out the best option from the lot. Let’s list a few such features of payroll software in India :


Payroll management

The basic requirement is the management of payroll. An automated processing of payroll with the assistance of the data. It involves the responsibility of compensating each employee against the services rendered. The number of days an employee is paid may differ. As an employee might have served over time in order to achieve the goals assigned to them. The payroll software processes the compensation amount with the assistance of data generated by the integration. This decreases human intervention, diminishing any room for error. This is the basic feature of the application. There are other features that elevate the application but this application provides the base foundation of the application. 



Payroll software is designed to assist the team to cater the statutory requirements of the organization.the state and federal governments of the nation implements various laws to ensure smooth functioning of the industrial sector. It aims to provide financial security to the existing employees and benefits after retirements. This involves laws and obligations that any organization be it SME or a large scale company, are required to abide by. 

Payroll software assists the team to stay updated with these laws. For instance, an organization is obligated to pay tax at the end of each tenure. The payroll software auto updates the amendments that are introduced by the federal and state government. It notifies the employees about the changes and avoids any penalties due to delay in payments.


Management of benefits

Each organization has it in their own policy to bestow the employee with certain benefits. Along with that there are various other benefits that an employee has the right to encash under EPF schemes. These benefits come with various legal obligations that can perplex the employee and as a result may not be able to enjoy these benefits. The application provides the employee an easy access to the benefits and apply for these benefits in case they are eligible. The eligibility criteria is auto updated and the employee is notified once he/she is eligible for any such benefits. 

These are a few crucial features that any payroll software in India is equipped with. Having said that, the best approach is by opting for a trial before installation. The employer can opt for few options with the assistance of the IT team. Once the employer finds the best fit application that has a smooth interface and can co exist with the functioning application. It is a crucial task which involves huge amounts which mould the functioning of the entire team for the forthcoming months.

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