You are the creator of your reality. You forge your own path in the road of destiny of the universe. Where is the source of your mind, body, and spirit's creativity and creative juices? Look to the stars. The stars are your source of inner peace and inner sanctum. When you star gaze, you are exercising your third-eye chakra, balancing the auras, and healing the soul. You were made as a being, a being composed of light and matter, so that you can fully experience all in the universe. It's easy to forget your limitless potential and boundless energy and the energy source that you came from, especially here on Earth where you are confined to the walls of ordinary life and "pragmatic" thinking. The reality is that you are an energy being, possessing the full capacity to create, to experience, to love, to feel.

Often people look to science and physics for the answers to the universe, and to explain things that ordinarily could not be explained. Studying quantum physics, or perhaps cosmology, will helps to expand your understanding and awareness of the university and confines of our dimension of reality. It's important to gather as much information about everything as possible, whether it be through books, television, the internet, and more, the spread of knowledge will increase humankind's understanding of the universe and grasp on what is real and the "absolute reality" of creation. The whole point is to truly open your mind to see the limitless light, energy, and potential that your precious mind has to contribute and find out about nearly anything.

Another way to expand upon your mind and creativity, as well as connection with the stars and the earth, is to meditate daily and reflect upon life. Take things slow and you will begin to see the true ways of the world. Every second that passes by is fully controllable by you, so don't let it pass by. Yet most seem to allow the time to pass by as if it were nothing, as if everything occurs in the same daily rhythm every day. But you don't have to make it be so, because there are so many infinite routes you can take in life. You are fully conscious and in control of every choice you make, so choose wisely. Reflecting upon a day's decisions is a good way to increase understanding and expand your mind's potential. Meditate inwardly, and think of what you could have created, and how are those creations going to create the life experience.

Remember that while it often seems so, the world does not just occur, create, experience, and happen around you without any input. To get involved and to create is beneficial for a better experience and immersion in the understanding of life, as well as true meaning.

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Misty Woodard is an experienced psychic counselor and teacher who has been practicing and discovering mysticism, psychic healing, and clairvoyance for 15 years. She offers a How To Be Psychic in 14 Days online course.