As a result, he or she will start to believe even less than before because of the absence of desire that leads to the absence of action that leads to the absence of positive results.

This cycle continues in a downward slippery slope until the mind becomes completely pessimistic and stops believing altogether. It is now destined to fail, it waits for failure, it expects failure, and finally realises failure and settles on what ever it can get, and then comes up with the excuses as to why it failed. Usually the blame is laid on someone or something else like the government, the economy, society or geographical location. It is never their fault; it is always because of someone or something.

The point of the above is to show you the effects of a lack of desire and how it leads to failure, but on the other side of the fence…

We have someone who burns with a desire to succeed and obsessively pursues their dreams, goals and desires through faith, discipline, determination, planning and action. They will recognise more opportunities that arise and subsequently take more action.

As they continue to train their minds for success, the opportunities will seem to somehow or magically appear and will be recognised as such. Therefore, naturally they will have greater results and achieve more of their goals and dreams.

These results will then make their desire and their obsession even stronger and then the subconscious mind will become more efficient and better at being able to create and identify those opportunities needed, and the results attained will be even more fulfilling.

This time the cycle continues in an upward spiral and a rapid and positive spiral that becomes exponentially stronger each time until the subconscious mind achieves and helps to achieve far beyond the original goals and dreams, and as long as the desire for further growth and improvement and success continues to burn incessantly, and with a relentless and unstoppable force or momentum, then greater results, outcomes and achievements will continue because there are simply no limits to what can be achieved.

With this great world we are living in today, there is always plenty of room for new ideas, and better ways of doing things, and ways of making our lives more convenient. The world is constantly looking for people who provide more value, who perform above and beyond of what is expected. The world is constantly seeking innovative leaders, original inventions, even improvements on old inventions, and new discoveries and new services. Imagine all of those yet to be discovered and yet to be implemented new ideas, improvements, new products, services, and inventions are all there for the taking.


All these opportunities available to create new and better things are as always, and have always been, only available to those who possess a disciplined and determined attitude, with the knowledge of what they really want and above all an obsessive desire to acquire it.

This is where you come in…

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