Many of the people that have created vast riches and incredible success started out with a desire for improvement and change. This desire then became an obsession for great wealth and success. Their desire for growth led them to dream, hope, and long for, and their obsession led them onto the critical planning, and taking actions that led them to where they are today.

In order for you to attain great riches in vast quantities, and achieve great success, you must be committed to changing your mind's attitude and its perception on success and on the limits it may have about success. You must get into the no limits mode in your mind and start turning your goals and dreams into an obsession for success, and then truly believe that you will attain it.

By now it should be clear to you that achieving anything you want or need or would like to have, first needs some desire to do so. This desire originates from within and becomes a natural part of your mind and fuels it to constantly strive to achieve your dreams.

A strong desire or better yet, "obsession" will become part of every positive thought and also every action from within the subconscious mind. Your well-trained subconscious mind will seek the fulfilment of your requests even at times when your conscious mind is completely oblivious to and unaware of the pursuit.
The subconscious mind will constantly chase the realisation of your goals, dreams and expectations.

There is simply no other way; you must have, or create the desire before you can create the wealth or any other successful attribute you are seeking. Create the desire for it, and then let it become an obsession. This is how huge results are attained, by creating desires and obsessions out of your goals and dreams. It is this obsession that connects to your subconscious mind that in turn creates or brings about those opportunities that lead you closer to your dreams and ultimate desires.

When someone lacks a desire, and takes little or no action, there will be little or no results achieved.
They will not achieve their goals and dreams because their subconscious mind does not believe that they truly want to achieve them, as there is clearly no real desire and no obsession. There is no commitment shown, therefore, there are no positive results given and no positive outcomes obtained.

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