Courage: The power to let go of the familiar.
--Raymond Lindquist
Letting go of the familiar really does require courage.
Very simply, the thought of change evokes fear. Fear of what? Only YOU can answer for you.
Let me pose three very simple questions to you. If they really get you thinking, let’s talk about them.
What self esteem issues or addiction related issues are your biggest challenges?
What will happen to you and what will it cost you if you don’t deal with them?
What do you want instead?
These questions are change related, and many who read this and honestly think about these three simple questions will have some very interesting answers, and possibly some questions.
If you want change and can overcome your fear, let’s talk today. Don’t procrastinate or change will never happen. Respond now for a free consultation only if you have the courage to change. You’ll be glad you took this step. ( or )

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Master Addictions Life Coach ICF accredited