Life. It is the birds of the sky, the verdant lush plants that grow on the ground, the beasts of the land, small and great. It is the air we breathe, the vast stretch of water that covers over 75% of our planet. Life is the resounding breath of God in the cosmos, emanating from the stars in the sky and the distant galaxies of unknown. But what is behind all this life? What gives the life of the universe so much energy and state of just being alive?

It’s the energy of the earth, the stars, and it’s the energy inside you and me. That energy is called the life force – the living, breathing cosmic energy that is inside, and cycles around, everything in the universe. The essence of the life force enables us to live, breathe, and just be in the state of existence. The knowledge of our life force enables us to pursue a deeper spiritual path, as well as connect deeper within ourselves and our soul. The life force , which flows in all plants and animals of the Earth, is the connecting juice that links mankind with nature. When we harness the life force along our mind and body path, we learn to reconnect with the most basic feelings and with the spirit of Mother Nature.

This life force is not a new concept, and has many names in different cultures and religions around the world. In Chinese Taoism, the life force that flows through the body is called Qi. In Hinduism, the term is called Prana. Even in the Biblical Old Testament it states that God gave Adam the “breath of life” that is the life force. But no matter what you believe, life force is the same for everyone. And we can use that life force as psychic energy for performing psychic feats.

Everything that we do or think is a small form of life force, or energy, being created. Emotion is another strong form of thought energy. But one form of the life force that can create particularly effective impact on the world is psychic energy. The psychic ability stems from the life force in the form of this psychic energy. Psychic energy is derived from life force, simply another form of it for psychic use.

When we use psychic ability, we are drawing out some life force from the cosmic consciousness, in the form of receiving insight and knowledge. Once we discover how to draw out and receive that energy from the cosmic knowledge of the universe, we possess psychic powers from all our wildest dreams. Psychic power enables us to improve our lives, and the lives of others, as well as growing spiritually and taking care of the Earth.

Author's Bio: 

Misty Woodard is a spiritual counselor and psychic teacher, who has taught hundreds of students worldwide about developing and pursuing psychic ability along a spiritual path. You can find out more about her at her website about psychic powers.