ERP or enterprise resource planning is a commonly used software package for enhancing the operational efficiency of business resources. It is a composition of software modules assisting company owners to achieve their goals at a faster rate. Implementation of ERP for an organization is done on the basis of company requirements. Today, ERP is a widely applied software system in all types of industrial fields including small and medium sized companies. Inventory control, better human capital management, customer relationship management and order tracking are some among the key benefits of implementing enterprise resource planning. Proper implementation of ERP package according to business needs is benefited with lots of advantages. Before implementing ERP software, it is advised to do well research on specific field. Choosing the right ERP software package from a well reputed vendor ensure safety. Now, let's see in detail the core objectives of ERP.

Knowing real time information about business field strategies is one of the core objectives of ERP. ERP software package, which is a blend of software modules helps in integrating data and real time information. It helps in better planning and management of resources as per the requirements of company. Upgrading the needed software modules, better work flow and improved efficiency are some of the important benefits of using ERP system. It is found to be very efficient in controlling and managing organizations at different locations. At present ERP is an essential tool package used by many of the multinational companies for achieving their long term goals. Return on investment, best known as ROI is another core objective of ERP. Proper implementation of ERP package assists professionals to gain more profit by utilizing available resources. It is a perfect tool adopted by company owners for delivering desired output at affordable cost.

In order to compete and win in today's global market field, better management of resources is an important criterion. Implementation of ERP controls different functions and enhance company efficiency. Latest technologies equipped with in ERP software package helps in better controlling and management of data. If implementation of ERP is done according to company goals, it assures you more return on investment. Before planning project, it is advised to design the project in a realistic approach. This helps employees in maximizing ROI in practical. Reducing inventory cost is another core objective of ERP implementation. Better order tracking, knowing customer needs and business requirements by ERP assists in proper utilization and management of resources. It enhances operational process and maximizes the return on investment rates.

Enhancing the customer relationship management is a main feature coming under the core objectives of ERP. It increases the quality of services, shortens delivery times and enhances the performance rate offered by companies. Error controlling is another core objective behind ERP implementation in an organization. It helps in better planning and coordination of business resources so as to achieve maximum profit. Providing a software map of business functional activities, improving accuracy rate of results, increasing the flexibility of operation and improving productivity are other core objectives of ERP.

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