The controversy of congestive heart failure and foods to avoid

high cholesterol and low fat diets.

High Cholesterol, Low Fat Diets,Heart Disease,Blood Pressure:

According to the American Heart Association heart disease is now

the number one disease killer and stroke is number three. Both

of these diseases may be associated with high blood pressure,

over weight, stress or lifestyle. Many books and millions of

words have been written about all these issues so there is

plenty of controversy and conflicting information with respect

to getting and staying healthy.

High Cholesterol, Low Fat Diets,Heart Disease,Blood Pressure:

We have offered our readers many low fat diet plans. However

all of the leading experts generally agree that the human body

needs the proper amount of both fat and cholesterol in order to

stay healthy. The main issues here are good fats and good

cholesterol as opposed to bad fats and bad cholesterol. The

short explanation about these issues is that bad fat is also

saturated fat found in animal fat and greasy, fried foods and

processed foods. Bad cholesterol or LDL often comes from these

same sources.

Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol, Low Fat Diets,Heart Disease,Blood Pressure:

The good news is that you can lower both the bad fat and bad

cholesterol by following these simple guidelines. Start eating

more fresh, whole vegetables, fruits and salads. Lower your meat

intake to six ounces daily trimmed of fat and not fried. Skip

the meats on some days and eat fish instead to obtain your omega

three. Avoid fried foods and choose foods baked, broiled,

grilled, smoked or poached. Eat a hand full of nuts daily.

Walnuts are especially good for you and have the unsaturated fat

that you need. Replace your sugary drinks with water or green


Daily exercise is a must, not an option, If you want a healthy

body and a healthier heart. Walking, biking, swimming and even

just walking in the mall for an hour to get your heart pumping

is good for you. Congestive heart failure probably also

requires a change in lifestyle if you want to stay alive. If you

smoke, quit. If you like alcohol then lower your consumption to

one or two drinks per day.

Check with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise


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