The Hajj is the fifth basic component of Islam. It became obligatory on Muslims as they fulfills certain conditions. Same wise, Umrah is known to be the mini pilgrimage. It is yet not compulsory to be performed independently, but it has the highest reward among the good deeds in the Islam. The conditions for Hajj and Umrah are almost same for the Muslims. The Umrah packages 2019 are an open offer for the Muslims around the globe by the travel agents.

The basic necessities to perform a Hajj or the Umrah includes, firstly to be a Muslim. It is only the Muslim who may get in the Harram to perform the Hajj or Umrah. The Muslim of sane mind when reach to the puberty, Hajj became obligatory for him. The Hajj is obligatory only on the free Muslims. Hajj became an obligation if the Muslim is capable to perform it, and this capability is of three kinds, Physical, Financial and Social. It means, a Muslim is capable of Hajj and Umrah only when, he is physically healthy, have a financial range to spend at the expense of the Umrah or Hajj, and moreover he is socially secure, which means that there is no threat of any harm to him in the way to Makkah.

For the female Muslim, a requirement along with the stated, is, that she must have a Mahram with her when she goes to the Hajj or Umrah. When a Muslim fulfills all the conditions, he should not delay in performing the Umrah or Hajj with very cheap Hajj packages.

Just like the conditions, compulsory to be a Pilgrim, there are certain elements which must be fulfilled for the pilgrimage, either Hajj or the Umrah. Among these, one is Ahraam. The word Ahraam, denotes to a state, which a Muslim get enters in order to perform the Hajj or the Umrah. The Ahraam has two facets, Miqat and the Libas. The Miqat is the region from where it is compulsive for the Muslims to get in the Liibas specified, to perform Umrah or the Hajj. Whereas, the Libas or the clothes are the specified dress code for the pilgrims. There are five Miqat or the zones for the pilgrims, the Dhul Hulaifah, the Al-Juhfah, the Qarn Al-Manazil, The Yalamlam and lastly the Dhatu.

There are certain conditions whilst the Muslim is in the state of Ahraam. These may be categorized among the permitted and restricted factors during the Ahraam. Taking a bath and changing, (for women) wearing close shoes, cupping or pulling the tooth, wearing some belt or ring, using of non-perfumed kohl in the eyes, killing some flies or harmful animals and sitting under some shade are some of the acts permitted during the Ahraam. The act restrained to do during the Ahraam includes, sexual intercourse, arguing or fighting, cutting of hair or nails, using the perfumed stuff either soap or sents and the wearing of the any hat for the men.

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