Allah Almighty, the most merciful, the most beneficent, the compassionate. All prays of purity and blessing goes to Allah. We can’t deny the fact of great health blessing from Almighty Allah. It is the second major blessing as gift for us after the blessing of Faith. As prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) said:
“Seek thou healthfulness, for, besides the blessing of faith, man has not been granted a better gift”
The world health organization defined health as: it is the state of being complete bodily, physically, psychologically, and socially sound and well-being. Prayer is the one act of worship that keeps us away from devil and bad deeds. Online Quran teaches us to seek pity through good deeds and valuable knowledge.
A leading scholar Al-Izz bin Abdulsalam wrote a book named “Qawaid-Al-Ahkaam” in which he described that medicine was developed to procure the health security and to avoid injuries and sickness. Hence the one who has advised the law and medicine must have been one and same, for both disciplines with the aim of preventing wrongness and procuring benefits.
The structure of Islamic society is based on social well being and social welfare according to the Islamic principles and teachings. There are three main pillars of Islamic society, namely:
1. Social Cohesion,
2. Co-Operation,
3. Self Sufficiency
There are some interpersonal relationships in other societies as compare to Islamic society, that porn to break up and dissolution and where individual is being condemned to melt down in the society. It is only the Islamic society that leads the individual to his own personality traits and this society enjoys cohesion, harmony and self sufficiency. Islamic societies are the ideal for all other societies in the whole world. There is a Hadith that clear the picture of three pillars of Islamic society. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) said that:
“A believer is to another believer what the bricks of a solid (cemented) building structure are to each other firmly connected together”
The above mentioned Hadith shows that building structure is useless until the various components are adherent and cooperative. Closer union of the hearts and greater affection is needed in human relationship. There is another example of cohesiveness as living organism, can’t live in isolation, there are so many links that help the organs to keep binding to each other. Cells would die if they are not bound to another cell.
The above mentioned examples help to increase the feeling of mutual affection, sympathy and compassion. Online Quran provides us the opportunity to get tighten at one plate form and giving the chance to increase the knowledge of Islam and Islamic societies.
Islam established so many warranties and institutions to assure the social cohesion. The establishment of prayers five times a day in a congregation, handshake for Salam (greetings) and Shura (mutual consultation) are some of the major establishments of Islamic society. Salam helps to increase social peace and accord. It also promotes mutual affection and kindness. Once Muhammad (p.b.u.h) said that:
“Let a Muslim show (and act upon) the affection he has for his brethren”.
There are mainly five major obligations towards another Muslim brother and sister.
1. Must return a salam
2. Visit the sick person
3. Follow the funeral procession
4. Return an invitation
5. Send blessing on sneezer
Masjid is not only the place for worship but it is the plate form of learning and knowledge and meeting place for Muslims. Muslims used to read and recite Online Quran to seek the abundant knowledge of social welfare in Islam. May Allah almighty keep all Muslims cohesive and cooperative to each other. Ameen

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