Humans are wired as story tellers and story listeners. Before the written word, stories were the main tool our ancestors used to transfer knowledge and culture from one generation to the next.

You carry this genetic heritage of sitting around the campfire, listening intently to stories that capture your imagination. And it's through your stories that you tell the world who you are.

In the broadest sense, you are your stories. You use this process of weaving stories to connect your random experiences in a way that creates a uniquely beautiful tapestry, rich with meaning.

Indeed, we're born for meaning. We're driven to seek out opportunities for self-expression and to share what we think is important. We're inspired by the things we do, but we're even more inspired by telling the story of what we've done.

On the other hand, stories about whining, complaining, gossiping and rationalizing your inaction aren't inspiring to you or anyone else. Since you are your stories, you can choose stories of quitting or stories of thriving and success.

Three weeks into the new year, now's the time resolutions start dropping like flies. Before you give up on a resolution that inspired you less than a month ago, think about how you'll feel when you tell the story of sticking with it 'til you nailed it. Stay focused on why you want it, and keep that passionate flame burning brightly in your heart.

Sit around the computer campfire with others who are on a similar journey. Inspire the bejeezus out of each other. Ignite a fire of infinite possibilities, compassion, and desire in every circle where you sit.

And when the conversation ends, take your circle of friends with you in your heart. Use that memory to uplift you when you're discouraged.

The secret to your success is to develop as many strategies as you need to explore your options and keep at it until it's yours.

Today's Coaching Question: Who are the most inspiring people you could invite to sit around your computer campfire?

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Judy Widener is a Certified Life Coach and author of Power For A Lifetime: Tools You Customize to Build Your Personal Power Every Day Of Your Life. You can sign up for Discovering Your Values, a 5-day e-course at no cost at Her passion is assisting her clients to discover what is most important to them, then to create more balance and satisfaction in their lives. She offers a comprehensive program that teaches clients simple ways to build their personal power and overcome obstacles to achieving their dreams. Judy has coached more than 600 people over the past 13 years. Her website is