For picking bar stools online, you have to follow the basic rules. First of all, you need to choose the right store by evaluating the product quality and verifying the price. Now, choose barstools based on your requirements such as back or no back, armless, padded seats, etc. Read this post till the end to find more information.

If you want to eliminate spending a lot of hours searching for quality bar stools online, you have to do your homework. For restaurants, you can find other types of furniture but stools are considered to be the most suitable ones. You can find stylish stools for creating a modern appearance of your interior space or go with traditional design.

First Things First – Size of Barstools

You need to figure out whether you want to attend a variety of guests or any specific ones. It helps you determine the right size. In general, bar stool height is around 30 inches. Suppose you wish to buy extra tall stools, you can go with a height between 34 to 36 inches.

In case you would like to purchase stools for the countertop, 24 – 26 inches high stools are convenient. Many restaurateurs customise the design of countertops & dining tables. Based on this thing, you could ask craftsmen or furniture designers to customise stools to accommodate your guests ideally.

Next is – Material

The very next thing is selecting the right material. You can find a range of materials with which these furniture items could be made up of. However, it is crucial to consider durability, longevity, and maintenance to make the right choice.

Metal stools are very easy to clean as well as durable. It makes them one of the most popular buying options for commercial and residential uses. Another popular choice is wood that comes in a range of style options.

Many people won’t give importance to seat fabrics. You are advised to select the seat material very carefully so that users could sit comfortably. Padded seats are a cost-effective option. If you could invest more, leather seats can be preferred.

Next, Features

Bar stools come with low-back and high-back support. If you want to create a comfortable space for guests, high-back supports are the most suitable ones. It lets users sit for long hours to spend quality time in your restaurant while enjoying mouth-watering cuisines.

Like dining chairs, you can also find these furniture items with arms. However, it is completely optional for buyers because it offers a formal vibe to the space. Although users can rest their arms, it is not much of a need compared with back support.

Another important feature is the swivel. It allows users to move the seat whenever they need the same. Whether it is about communicating with friends, picking a glass of drink or anything else, the swivel feature of stools creates the space a bit dynamic.

Final Thoughts

Hope this guide is quite effective for individuals like you in picking the right bar stools online. If you wish to create a great restaurant space for entertaining your guests, follow this guide. It is advised to measure up the dimension of your restaurant beforehand to determine the actual number of stools and tables that you need to buy.

Always buy an extra pair of furniture items so that you could use them if required. So, start searching for your required pieces of furniture today.

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The author has been associated with a furniture manufacturing company in Australia. He is an architect to design bar stools, executive chairs, tables, and lots more. He frequently blogs on topics like the importance of choosing the perfect bar stools online, buying right furniture items for residential and commercial uses, and more.