Google Ads promotional codes are a marketing tactic that encourages customers to buy more in order to get a discount. This code provides you with a free PPC credit, given you have already started a PPC campaign. But the big question is, how can advertisers get Google Ads promo codes? Or, what are the benefits of these codes?

Keep reading the article to get the answers to these questions. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Google Ads promo codes.

Google Ads Promotional Codes

Google Ads promotional codes are system-generated codes that provide the customers with great discounts on purchases. Also, it gives advertisers free credits in their Google Ads accounts. Generally, these promo codes are for accounts rather than campaigns. And, they aim to entice people to try their hand at Google Advertising.

This way, they can get an idea of paid advertising and see if they benefit from them. However, the codes are used only when an advertiser has spent some budget on the campaign. This tells Google that they have an interest in paid search advertising.

Where To Get Google Ads Promotional Codes From?

Well, you can’t head straight to the search engine in order to redeem the offer. Google provides promo codes as special offers. As an advertiser, you can’t request the code yourself. However, just remember where you are from.

If you are from a country like the US, you can request a code. Still, it is unsure whether you will get the offer or not. All it depends on Google. Furthermore, if you have received a promo code in an email, you can’t request from the same email ID again.

You can also use digital agencies to request a code on your behalf. If you are new to PPC, this code will give you a great head start. You can drop a message to the agency and confirm if they can help get you a promo code.
Remember, the digital agency you are considering should be a Google partner. So, keep an eye on the official badge on the agency’s website before you talk to them.

Besides, many web host companies also give out free credits to the customers, helping the small businesses to run a PPC campaign easily. Google Dorks is another advanced method you can use for searching for a promo code.

Can An Existing Advertiser Use Promotional Codes?

Google Ads promo codes are given by Google and Google partners to encourage the new advertisers to try paid advertising on the search engine. Mostly, these codes are given to the advertisers with accounts that are no older than 21 days.
Still, if an existing advertiser wants to see whether they can take advantage of these codes or not, they can check the offer’s details.

What Is The Offer Criteria For The Promo Codes?

Most of the Google Ads promo code offers to require an individual to meet some criteria before the credit shows up in their account.

As mentioned above, these offers are typically for the new advertisers. So, make sure to go through the terms and conditions that come with the promo code to get more details about the offer.

Suppose Google has an introductory offer, ‘Spend $25, and Get $50.’ If you want to get this credit, you need to enter the promo code on your promotion page within two weeks of creating an account. After you have spent $25, you will find a $50 credit in your account within the next five days.

Remember – Google only considers the amount you will spend after entering the promo code. If you spent $25 before entering the code, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the offer.

Where To Enter The Promo Code And See Credits?
After you have received a promo code from Google, you need to enter it on the promotion page. Follow the following steps to do so-

● Choose ‘Tools and Settings’ from the top navigation of Google Ads.
● Go to Billing Settings.
● Click Promotional Codes.
● Then, enter the promo code. Make sure to enter the code the same as it is displayed.
● See the progress bar for your codes on the ‘Active Promotions’ card.
● You can find expired or completed promos in the ‘Completed Promotions’ card.

Here, one thing to keep in mind is, you can’t share your promo codes with other advertisers. Moreover, you can enter or use the codes only once. In order to check the code you haven’t used, check the details of the code surrounding the code usage.

What Payment Methods You Can Use For Promo Codes?
The way your promo codes work is also based on the payment method you use.

Automatic Payment

When you run Google Ads, the search engine will charge the payment method you use. Once you have spent the required amount, you will receive credits in your account.

Manual Payment

With a manual payment method, you need to make payments before your Ads go live. Once your Ads start running, you will incur costs, and the credit will decrease. Thus, you need to add funds to your account before running the Ads.

Monthly Invoicing

For monthly invoicing, you have to enter the promotional code after the account is set up. Once your account meets the requirements, you will see credits appear on the account.

Also, the unused promo credits will roll over to the next month's credit. Though the credit will increase, they will charge you for the budget you set initially.


Google Ads promotional codes are a wonderful addition to the PPC marketing strategy. They encourage the advertisers to use Google Ads and manage campaigns to drive more traffic, leading to an increase the sales or conversions. Ultimately, it will translate to profits.

In addition, Google promo codes are a great way to entice new advertisers to try their hand at paid advertising. If you have the right strategy, you can leverage the promo codes to make the best out of your advertising efforts.

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